General Blogging Or Niche Blogging?

Niche blogging is unquestionably one of the most lucrative ways to earn on the Web. With this process, writers do not have to worry about their target market because their writing will find it for them, for writing in a targeted manner attracts readers.

On the other hand, there are still a lot of bloggers who opt to go the other way and practice general blogging.

Being less than 2 months old, empower network blogging system is highly established with thousands of bloggers, acknowledged by Google as an authority site. Thus, it will help you rank your content for keywords faster.

Also, by using a blogging platform you get an entitlement by which you can refer it to others as an affiliate product. This helps you earn every month against every blog member who is active and this amount gets directly deposited into your bank account.


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What is there to blog about? Blog about information that is relevant to your company’s industry. The majority of bloggers on the Internet blog about personal musing, technology, Internet marketing, politics, business, health, travel, family. The list goes on and on, providing opportunities for bloggers.

People who are new to online marketing and blogging usually face technical and learning curves which are pretty time-consuming. And just because they are unable to invest that amount of time on a regular basis, they often end up giving in. This is where empower network blogging comes as a savior. the system comes completely set up with all your graphics, sales funnels, products, etc in place.

Since everything with your blog is already done so there is no messing around with the technical stuff. The only thing required from you is to sign up and start blogging and generate huge amounts of income in the process. This income will help you market your primary business and will also fund your other projects.

Inbound links and other benefits of blogging Wouldn’t it be nice if you checked your Alexa data and discovered that a couple of higher-ranking sites linked to your site, asking nothing in return? Wouldn’t it be nice to attract inbound links without spending hours of each day sending “link-exchange” requests?

It takes a lot for a higher-ranked site to link to a lower-ranked site. The owner of the higher-ranked site may actually slip in search engine rankings unless search engines recognize the value and quality of your site. And one way to establish that your website is a high-quality site is by generating quality, useful content on your blog.

Blogging and social media The most popular social networking sites include Facebook (28%), Twitter (26%), LinkedIn (4%), and others. By adding a “share” module to your articles, you make it easy for visitors to forward your articles to others.

They can “like” your articles and then, their second and third tiered contacts can also view your content in order to further grow your Internet traffic following. As your blog grows, it builds momentum for your website and your Internet traffic begins to grow off of itself. It’s a little like a snowball effect, which is great.

On days when your blog post is Retweeted on Twitter 20 times, or on a day when your post breaks into the top 20 Diggs on, immediately follow up with more quality content.

You’ll see your blog traffic jump from 20 visitors to 200 visitors in one day! The next day, make sure you post the best blog post you’ve ever written because at least some of those 200 new readers are going to return to see if that cool post was a fluke or your blog really is as good as it appears to be.

So like many things in life, there are options and trade-offs. The choice that is best for you will depend on your goals.


Download FREE 8 Blogging Books – Worth $100 – Limited Time



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