Ho do You Expand Your Blogging Network? Here is my 5 tips.

Outreach makes or breaks your blogging campaign.

Your content may be fabulous. Your blog’s layout might be visually captivating.

If nobody is around to read your blog you should just write a diary.

Smart bloggers know that people are the #1 blogging currency. Namely, people, who’re highly interested in the content you have to offer.

How do you reach these people? By becoming a blogging networking machine.

You’ve probably heard basic blogging networking tips before: connect with people, make friends with those in high places, etc. All of this helps your networking.

Today I’ll share a few specific, practical tips that will help you make an impact.


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Benefits of Being a Networking Machine

  • Boost your blog traffic
  • Increase your blog income
  • Improve brand awareness

Reaching out to authority bloggers expands your presence quickly. Network, add value, promote pros, and reach out to exciting new audiences each day by following these tips.


1. Make Blogger Outreach Your Number One Task

Before you write your next post-meet 5 to 10 authority bloggers. Exposing yourself and your brand to pro bloggers multiplies opportunities for you.

Meet new bloggers to learn from the best.  Gain support and inspiration from the professionals.

The quality and depth of your content will improve quickly if you surround yourself with successful bloggers.


2. Promote Pro Bloggers Freely

Promoting other bloggers makes you pop up on their radar. Think through the golden rule of life; give whatever you want. Market pro bloggers and a few of those pros will market you in return.

This is not a 1 for 1 deal; the “I help you only if you help me” approach is selfish and eventually leads to your blogging demise.

Promote bloggers freely. Cut strings. Allow the golden rule to work its magic for you.


3. Be Persistent

Network like a boss. Aggressively reach out to your network daily. “Out of sight, out of mind” is the mantra chanted by most authority bloggers whom you intend to reach. Persistent bloggers appear to be in 100 places at once because these people show up daily.

Most bloggers network aggressively once or twice a week if that. The daily networking crowd makes an impact that less frequent networkers couldn’t possibly duplicate.


4. Comment like a Pro

A comment like a champion. Post thorough comments only on relevant, authority blogs. Impress intelligent, successful bloggers and their readerships to become a blogging networking machine.

Commenting is a free, simple way to pop up on the radar of successful pro bloggers. By sharing your thoughts in a mindful manner you can impress top-shelf bloggers who can expand your reach quickly.

Think of how influencers reached the top; the blogging pros of the world impressed other blogging pros to move up in circles. Make commenting a prime vehicle through which you can reach the crème de la crème of the blogging world.


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5. Scarf Down Guest Post Requests

Eat up guest post requests quickly. Networking dynamos appear on as many authority blogs as possible. Post only on authority, relevant blogs to get the most bang for your blogging buck.

If bloggers aren’t knocking down your door with guest post requests reach out to the top bloggers in your niche. Personalize messages. Ask influencers if you could submit a guest post and pitch 2 or 3 post ideas that are relevant to their blog.

Personalizing your networking campaign by using first names, being polite, and being kind makes you stand out from the blogging crowd. Make your blogging buddies feel special. Personalize your interactions to supercharge your blogging networking campaign.


Your turn:

How do you network effectively?

What tips can you add to this networking list?

I would love to hear your comments below.


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3 thoughts on “Ho do You Expand Your Blogging Network? Here is my 5 tips.”

  1. I network by doing a few points on your list. But I am only active for 3-4 months now. If I were to add something to this, it would pertain to Social Media. That may be a separate topic?

    1. That’s Great – Keeps on – don’t forget to share your best work with me. so we can learn from you – We need you to lead us – Thanks

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