How Blogging can Help your Small Business? Beginners

Business blogging is all about using the blogging platform to promote your business.  Maybe you have a business and you are not quite convinced how a blog can help you?

If you have read our post on why starting a blog is beneficial, you will already know that a blog will help increase your sales by having the ability to reach a wider audience than otherwise would be available to you.

Blogs are awesome for business as they have low overheads and they are easy to run.  That’s what everyone in business want’s to hear am I right?  Ok, so you have a business already, but that business is offline.  The question you are asking is how can business blogging benefit me?  

Well, the short answer is that a blog will put you in touch with thousands or should I say millions of new customers.

Over the course of time that you run your blog, the reach will become wider as you expand and more readers start to find you.

Perhaps you already have a website for your business and you can’t understand why a blog would help you?

Let me ask you this….how do people find your website?  How does it promote itself?  Did you pay a huge fee for the initial set up and that’s been it?

Has it had any new content added to it that hasn’t cost you a fortune for a web developer to make changes on your behalf?

You don’t have these issues with a business blog.

A blog is something that can be found in Google search terms once you have mastered link building, social networking, and SEO.

The more people that visit your blog, the more chance you have of your business being SEEN.  What is the point in having a flash new website that no one is ever going to see?

A business blog makes it easy for your business to be highlighted and shared by others.  The great thing about having your social networks set up is that other bloggers start to share your links.  This is FREE advertising!

How awesome is that for a business!


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A lot of people that will be visiting your blog will not be customers, but that really doesn’t matter.  The point is, the more people that visit, the more shares you will have.  The more shares, the more exposure, and so on and so on.

Your goal is to unleash your business into the world, and business blogging will do that nicely for you.  It is possible to build an online following quickly when you provide quality content.

All of those followers will be helping to spread the word about your business.  It really is an exciting opportunity to be a business blogger.


How can business blogging help me with marketing? 

Let’s have a think about how business promotion works.  Let’s say for example that you want to build an extension on your home.  You have a list of builders as long as your arm.  What is the first thing you are going to do?

I bet you are going to contact all your friends, possibly over Facebook, and ask if anyone has had any experience with any of those builders.

Am I right?  We are all looking for reassurance that the business we are going with is reputable and will provide the product that we want.

Social media is a great tool for word-of-mouth recommendations and if you use this wisely, it will do wonders for your business blogging.

Establishing a blog where people are happy to recommend you will take time, but why not have all these people promoting your product and make your business easier to find.

The more positive recommendations you receive, the more business you will receive and the more recommendations…..are you following me?

Businesses that use social media will stay in business for longer than those that don’t.  Social media and blog interaction provides a human touch element to your business that is hard to do with a website alone.

If you ignore this, it won’t be long before your customers start ignoring you and move on to someone who isn’t.

How can you get started with business blogging?

Getting started in business blogging follows the same principles as if you were going to blog about fashion or food, but in essence, you should ensure you do the following;

1. Start a blog and register your domain name.  If you have a website already, then use the blog in addition to your website, which in turn will bring new traffic to your website.

2. If you don’t already have a website, then use the blog as your main site.  There is no point in setting up a website when the blog can do the exact same thing for you.

3. Provide quality content on your blog about your business.

4. Start to build a mailing list that will help boost sales down the track.

If you are truly serious about your business, then business blogging is an absolute must for you.  Why delay any longer when it is so easy to get started.  You know that the blog will boost your business and with some time and effort, you will reap the rewards.

Is the thought of starting business blogging too daunting as you are not yet convinced that it really is easy to do?  If this is the case, I highly recommend you join the learn how to blog program.

The program will help you set up your domain name, teach you about keyword research and SEO benefits.  It will teach you how to write your blog posts for maximum benefit and so much more.

Perhaps this is STILL too overwhelming and the thoughts of doing the extra work just don’t sit well with you?

If this is the case, why not have the blog built for you and have someone provide you with the content.  Anything is possible, so why not obtain a custom quote here.

Don’t let your fears hold you back from your business reaching its full potential.  The opportunity is out there, you just have to make the decision to go for it.  What option are you going to choose?

Have you started business blogging?  Did you find this to be beneficial?  Please share your thoughts with us below.



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