How do Expert Bloggers Gather Their Information to Write a Post?

Expert Bloggers use standard free and paid tools to hit the top of search engines and most of the time they use their own assets to gather the information that attracts tons of traffics.

Today in this post we will go through many different puzzles and clarifications,

We will focus on how successful bloggers get traffic (humans) on their blog posts.

Also, what they are doing right and what we are doing wrong?

Do you write blog posts that attract no traffic or getting clicks but no one actually reads and you get a high bounce rate in results?

We will talk about the tools they are using.

Obviously, expert bloggers use the same standard tools that we use too.

A pro tip here is that we write only “me too” Posts and they do their’s best to research and collect data from many sources and then share with the right audiences.


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That’s how they go perfectly on every step. which we do not bother ourselves to do.

So if a blogger wants he/she can write a blog post that will perform best from their contents.

But it needs the real efforts.

For example, I am running a subdomain blog (just to show my followers that you can still “build a successful blog” even if you have limited resources) just like my blog.

You can still win the race.

I have many posts that ranked well in search engines even left Top Giant expert blogger’s contents back.

expert bloggers

The amazing fact here is that the blog post which outranked even a Neil Patel blog post is only 260 words.


And the post I am writing now will outrank my post from just in 2 – 3 days.

If you’re still not convinced let me give you another example.

If you want to write a Blog Post “How to deal with loneliness as a freelancer“.

If you search the title on Google you will find that almost all expert bloggers have already ranked for the title and they are on the top.

Expert blogers 2

These are all successful blogs and it’s somehow hard to outrank them so what you can do in this situation is to change your title keywords.

In some cases, you can change the whole title or few words.

But in this example, I will only change one word for better comprehension.

And let’s see what we get.

expert Bloggers 3

Just by changing only one word, we found that for a blogger it’s easy to rank for the second keyword’s title.


Because the result shows that the 4th title is ranked from which tells us that there is no individual authority site.

So we can shoot our original content and can rank easily.

I have already written and ready to publish on our company new site (under maintenance)

So if you dig a little deeper you will find more ways to rank even higher.

Sometimes it’s logical and you have to explore and perform real research.

Even in a video, Neil Patel himself says that how small blogs can outrank expert bloggers.

Also, you can beat your competition by adding a little more effort.


#1: – How do Expert Bloggers Gather Information?

Now at this point, you may have gained some ideas that the breakthrough is easy and you can pitch an easy-driven traffic idea.

1.1: – Analytics

They always test their A/B experiment and they have everything ready and installed to dive and grab some of the best ideas from their site analytics.

Almost all expert bloggers use google analytics to measure the performance of their content.

If you are running a small blog you do not need to install google analytics.

You can still get good ideas from your blog insights.

Just publish some good posts in your niche and see which one is getting more engagement.

And then follow that direction to write more content.

Once you reached a level and published tons of content then you can try Google analytics but in the beginning or having 20 – 30 blog posts  – it’s not a good idea.

It’s a time-consuming task.

I have 70 posts but still not connected with google analytics.

At this point, I am just clearing the confusion that how expert bloggers get ideas.

Instead to waste time in analytics be a pro, of the next step.

1.2:- Google Search Console

Basically, it’s a free tool and helps you that how you can increase your appearance on Google.

It shows you the exact

  • Keywords
  • Pages
  • Countries
  • Dates

Also, if an issue is not letting your pages index in Google, SC helps and shows the exact problem and solution.

Before we get back to our point how to collect ideas from the Google search console as an expert blogger?

If you do not have already verified your site ownership with a search console let me tell you how to do that like a pro.

Click here to visit the search console and sign in with your Google account.

Expert Blogger Search Console Setup

Enter your domain click continue and it will give you a code to paste into your blog setting for verification.

Expert Bloggers 4 Verification site

Here gives you an easy option to verify your property.

Expert Blogger Setting verification

If you are using a self-hosting site then paste the code in your site header and by using header and footer plugins.

The best and easy option here is to install the Yoast plugin that will also guide you while writing content and you can easily verify your site with Yoast plugins.

expert blogger yoast verification

It was just setting up your site once you verified submit your sitemap in the search console.

Build a Succesful Blog

Do not forget to click the submit button.

Just in few days, the Google console will start giving you data that your site appears in search results including keywords.

1.2.1: – How to gather ideas from search console as an expert blogger

Getting a spark from the search console data is easy and simple.

on the search console page click performance and click queries and it will exactly start showing which page ranked for a specific keyword in google.

You can easily get many ideas.

expert blogger console data

It also shows the

  • Impression
  • Clicks
  • Positions
  • Click average

Sometimes you will be amazed that some of the popular keywords are in your range to shoot content and rank for in no time.

how to use buzzsumo effectively

For example, I have mention “buzzsumo” in some of my posts and I had no idea that I can rank for “how to use buzzsumo effectively” and on the last day, I found that I can shoot good content to rank for buzzsumo.

Later in this post, we will talk about buzzsumo in detail.

Another tactic expert bloggers use is that sometimes they do not wait for google to come normally and crawl their new pages.

As soon as you publish a post try to manually submit it into the search console URL inspection bar.

expert bloggers url inspection search console

Obviously, the new URL will not be on google – if the inspection process comes up with an error message just hit the request indexing button and your new post will be added soon to Google.

So you can get the result data quickly to make improvements faster.

Also, keep red-eye on your site issues to run a stable blog.

Be active with search consoles all the time and it will feel like you are playing a game.

As soon as you get an idea do not hesitate to share it on your blog.

Because as Seth goddin says

“We need you to lead us”.

Build a Succesful Blog - seth goddin



1.2: – Google Trends

Expert bloggers also use google trends and they have set special alerts too.

we will talk about how to set alerts and why.

But first, let me tell you how to use google trends for your ideas.

Once you cached your Spark (some inspiration) and decided to write a post about an idea.

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Head over to the Google trends and compare your idea from many angles and see how much people are searching for those keywords.

Also, you will notice the time duration in which that keywords were trending or it’s trending right now.

you can measure your idea from many sides.

Image for post

And You can make a better decision.

All the expert blogger are using these two methods usually for writing –

  • Blog post
  • Books
  • infographics
  • annual reports
  • blueprints
  • starting a new blog
  • a new topic on the old blog

1.2.1: – Setting Up Google Trends Alert

Click here to visit Google alert Subscription page and just hit the plus button to add your subscription.

Options are easy to select and set.

1.3: – Google Adwords

Google AdWords is basically a service to run a campaign for a product or service but most of the expert bloggers use its keyword planner tool to get outstanding ideas for writing content.

So let me first tell you how to use

Head over to Google ad keyword planner by clicking here.

Then choose search volume and forecast, it will land you on the keywords planner tools to add your keywords and get different types of data such as

  • Search Volume
  • competition
  • People searches monthly
  • etc

expert blogger google keyword planner

So if you want to write an unbeatable blog post then you should have a close look at the keyword planner.

1.4: – The Google Search Bar

It’s simple and let me tell you an amazing  A to Z method used by income school expert bloggers.

Go to and in the search bar type your main keywords then just type a – b – c, one character at a time.

Expert Blogger Google A to z Method

It will show you different results for different characters.

Once you choose a keyword and want to look for more suggestions then scroll all the way down and get plenty of ideas for writing a blog post.

Expert blogger - Google down suggestion

All of the above tools are popular among expert bloggers and they use them every single day.

Now You may have a good sense of digging deeper for your next blog post ideas.


#2: – Competition

Competition is everywhere but the idea of competition needs a little bit to be changed.

competition is not bad we can still use competition ideas and their reputation to get benefits.

Expert bloggers always keep red-eye on their’s competition and they try to not copy or hurt them.

But they get inspiration from them and represent ideas from different angles.

Competition is someone in the market to learn from their mistakes.

Lots of expert bloggers use many tools to spy on their competitors.

How they do that let me show you by using only one tool Ubbersuggest.

This is an amazing tool Neil built to analyze website data.

I am using this since the beginning.

Head over to ubbersuggest by clicking here.

After landing on the page you have two option to analyze

Simply type your keywords or competition URL and you will get tons of data.

You can get almost complete information of an idea only on one page.

Here I will type not a domain but I will type a keyword “blogging” for better comprehension.

expert blogger ubersuggest

It shows you the search volume – SEO difficulty, etc.

expert blogger ubbersuggest 2

In this shot, you can compare mobile and desktop volume for the “blogging” keywords.

expert blogger ubersuggest 3

The people who search for this keyword are more likely to click on the organic results instead of ads.

it makes a huge difference in data.

It means if ever you wanted to show paid ads for “blogging” keywords your ad will get few clicks because people are focused on organic results.

expert blogger ubersugest 4

Now, this is the information you ever wanted.

People who search for “blogging keywords” also search for the same keywords Or think it is the idea related to “blogging keywords”.

expert blogger ubersugest 5

Now You can collect many content ideas just from a single word “blogging” and it also shows results from different sources.

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Backlinks on the contents to explore
  • Titles and domains

Expert blogger competitive anyse uber sugest

If you still want more info then try from the left competitive analysis.

What’s an interesting thing about ubbersuggest is that it allows you to create your own project for free for your blog and from A to Z it will show you how you can improve your ranking.

expert blogger creat project with uber suggest

Sign in with a google account or create a new one then create a new project for your blog.

Either you spy on your competition or you just want to analyze the keywords you can achieve both goals with ubbersuggest and it’s work on the same method as you learned above.


#3: – Ideas List

Build a Succesful Blog - mind

The best idea above everything is your own ideas which pop up in your mind when you completely don’t think or look for the ideas.

That natural idea comes to your mind from your experience and as soon as you get that idea write it down quickly before it flashes.

Another good point you may have noticed that this kind of idea came to mind at once just for few seconds and it’s just pop up like notifications of messages when you connect your mobile phone to wifi after a long time.

It gives you a very short time and sometimes more than 1 idea pops up.

So to catch those natural ideas you have to be prepared all the time you must catch these ideas as soon as they pop-ups.

In this scenario Neil Patel top, an expert blogger suggests writing on your phone.

Some of the other expert bloggers recommend to keep a pen and paper and jot down when you find that magical time.

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But in today’s world, it seems so strange to keep a pen and paper in a pocket.

We have mobile phones all the time in our hands so why not try the mobile phone and make a strong habit of jotting down ideas.

Just by this one simple technique, you can save lots of time.

In my book, I have written in detail about the ideas just like this post.

So all it needs the practice to get tons of information and write a blog post.


#4: – How to Use BuzzSumo Effectively

This is another secret weapon of expert bloggers to use that gives you so much interesting information about tons of topics.


I always refer people to the buzzsumo official video to get guidance and learn quickly about buzzsumo.

But here I will teach you how to effectively use buzzsumo to get information not only for your next blog post but you can get home more tactics.

Visit buzzsumo here  – Sign up and get into the features.

how to use buzzsumo effectively

4.1: – Discover Ideas

Buzzsumo has many features that we can use to make a better decision for our new blog post.

how to use buzzsumo effectively

Let’s get started.

4.1.1: – Trending

Let’s First discover some ideas for your next blog post.

Check out Trending topics on social media, Buzzsumo will show what is trending in different topics and will give you some useful insights.

how to use buzzsumo effectively

This is the post that is trending right now while writing this post.

It’s a news post trending in the united states which we do not need for niche blogging posts ideas.

let’s get into it further.

how to use buzzsumo effectively

Even you can go deeper to find blog post ideas basis on demographics.

The best option here is to select different topics.

check your topic and see what’s trending in your industry.

For more curated topics click the plus button on the menu panel and add your subtopics.

how to use buzzsumo effectively

Also, you can create your custom feeds.

how to use buzzsumo effectively expert bloggers

4.1.2: – Discover Keywords

Just like ubbersuggest, buzzsumo gives you tons of data for one single keyword.

expert bloggers how to use buzzsumo effectively

You can also search by domain.

I have to skip the whole page screenshot here because the data is huge to catch.

expert bloggers - how to use buzzsumo effectively

Published content around the world in the “blogging” category.

Also on the right side, it shows you the search volume for blogging keywords on social media, not on the search engine.

4.1.3: – Topics and Questions

wouldn’t that be great to find hot topics and then hot questions in those topics which people ask.

So we can shoot “answers content” to different questions and rank easily for competitive keywords.

Just like Income schools expert bloggers.

So let’s see and grab lots of work.

how to use buzzsumo effectively - vuild a succesful blog - expert bloggers

Just like the other topics and data the buzzsumo come up with many different popular results all you have to pick up your idea and write a post before someone else writes.

You have a good sense of analyzing data for now get clear and research for yourself.

So we can jump into another topic.

4.2: – Web Content

In the previous process, we were looking to discover ideas and in this process, we will look for succesful ideas results.

Which is already explored by the user and getting unbelievable engagement on various social platforms.

how to use buzzsumo effectively - expert bloggers

In the search bar write “How to be a succesful blogger”. and just like the other data the buzzsumo will return with tons of data and will show you all the analytics around.

4.2.1: – Youtube

There is another great news You can also get results for youtube.

If you are good at front of  Vlogging Camera don’t hesitate to create videos and share them in your blog posts and also on a youtube channel.

Because today’s video market is touching its peak points with a youtube channel you can drive thousands of traffic to your blog.

how to use buzzsumo effectively - expert bloggers

4.3: – How I use Buzzsumo Effectively

Recently I have published a post to use buzzsumo for promoting.

So here we will try the same method in more detail.

No matter from where you catch your spark for a new blog post but once you wrote and published then while trying to promote try these tactics of buzzsumo too.

Type title or related words of your recent blog post in the buzzsumo search bar and hit enter.

how to use buzzsumo effectively

A list of related trending articles will appear so you can choose the related post to your post and you will get an idea that on which social platform your post can perform best.

You will get limited results by using a free account but it’s okay we do not need that.

Once you found the high engaging related post to your blog post click on that and then click view sharers.

By using a free account you will be unable to see sharers, but it’s still okay.

Copy the URL of the post by clicking right or from the browser search bar.

Simply paste that URL in the desired social site search bar. I will paste a Neil Patel post in the Twitter search bar.

expert blogger - how I use buzzsumo effectively

A pro tip here is that you should not only analyze the top result but check out the latest results.

If possible also see “people” videos Etc.

expert blogger - How i use buzzsumo Effectively

Click on the reply button or copy more than one username for bulk tweeting and type.

“Hi – Username – I know you shared XYZ article by author ABC.

I have a similar article that just came out you can check it out.

Ps. If you please share – it will make my day –

 Thanks – Your name 

expert blogger - How i use buzzsumo Effectively

So in a day, you can send lots of tweets but be careful to not spam mark your account.

By using these tactics you will get around 80% results. Wisely choose people and professionally interact with them.

That’s what I do and You should too.

You can also try the same tactics on Facebook and Facebook is more engaging than Twitter in some cases. according to buzzsumo report.

So it’s another good opportunity to boost your content promoting strategy.

This is how you can use buzzsumo effectively.


#5: –

The Post you are reading now is the planted idea of

Someone asked me the Question on quora and I answered and then I post the same question content of 260 words on as I have mentioned above.

So then I thought why not press the post with more details.

On Quora, people ask many different questions which really rounds in their minds.

and the question they ask is a human touch so this way you can generate tons of ideas for tons of posts.

Build a Succesful Blog

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So head over to and sign in with your Google account and just follow your blog topic and start taking questions from people related to your blog niche.

So keep answering them in short and if you find a spark to write a post.

Write and then you can share the link title with the same audeinces again to let them know that you have a very good article to answer this question.

Also, try to use the Twitter+Buzzsumo formula to contact them individually.

It will be a plus to your content promotion.

So at the same time while collecting ideas you can promote your content in a matter of seconds.


#6: – How to Write a Blog post in a nutshell

After all the hassle you got the idea and you are ready to start writing on the idea.

Analyze other people’s related posts to write your post from a different angle by focusing on the easy rank method.

Answer the question with a short paragraph so google can show your snippet on the first page.

Write a visual post include an image after every 200 words.

Go step by step on details.

Do not only try to write for google but try to write your post more naturally as you talk to your friends.

Narrow down your blog post idea to target specific people.

Always mind map and outline your post first.

Write catchy headlines.

Do not forget to write a comprehensive introduction to your post

Words limit is nothing try to cover your answer in just a few steps.

Try to Write your best conclusion at the end of your post.

Stay tuned – I will write another post about writing a perfect blog post.

But if you are impatient like me you can read writing a blog post in my book here.



Sometimes it takes a lot of time to find an idea and write a spark but if you stay in touch with these all sources you will get unlimited ideas to write your posts.

Do what only 1% does. Don’t just only write”me too” posts but write unbeatable posts.


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It’s no matter if it takes you longer to write a well-researched post.

Also, I have Some more example which I will share in future posts.

Stay Tuned

“You are Only Responsible For your Own Succes”


If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section of this post.

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