How Do I Become a Successful Blogger?

Blogging Is NOT a one day, month, year Task but it is a lifetime tool for your passion.

People are mistaken and they think blogging is a tool to earn money but it is NoT right 100%.

They jump on it and in a year they fail and repeat this phrase to themselves “ it’s a hard way to make money”.

it is 100% right for only those who think this way.

The fundamental of blogging is something that will help you understand the idea of blogging and will make your job easier.

I will not talk about the fundamental here but rather I will straight go to your question,

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We will start digging with this quote.
Of course, blogging needs consistency in many areas — and the breakthrough is a habit.

When you add your passion and habit together — you will reach the goals of blogging sooner.

Why passion?

Because, When you keep doing your passion you get the rewards by doing it you will less expect the outcomes from your blogging, once you get to this point and built a habit for your passion then you are the winner.

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So the first step to take care of is to blog about your passion.

Which will help you to be consistent and will help you get rid of checking the blog status again and again.

So let’s talk about the important habits to build.


When you love doing something it‘s easy to pull it to your comfort zone without going out from your comfort zone.


1: –  Reading

The Number one habit you should focus on is to read a lot “Do not make the mistake to really jump on reading for hours in the beginning” but keep building your habit little by little daily.


2: – Writing

Build a daily writing habit and only write about your passion, “ you will not get bored” and do not be mistaken there is always room for any passion in the blogging world.

If you love something there must be other peoples who will love the same thing you are interested in.

Learn in details about writing and writing techniques here


3: – Be a Collector and love the data.

When you read and write regularly you will go through a lot of important data which you will need somehow in your future blog posts.

so that’s why to become a collector of data.

The tool I use for this is the pocket app.

I have written about this in detail in the above-linked post, which is similar to your question.


4: – Routines, A killer

Blogging is a real business and you have to treat it as a business “ said Darren Rowse (top Blogger)”

That’s where routines come into play.

Routines are a little bit out of the circle of habit but following and sticking to routines is not.

Routines directly protect you from stress and save you time.


5: – Setting and Achieving goals

It Doesn’t mean to set really big goals but small goals in the beginning.

Later and by practicing you will master this technique.

you must have this habit to work around your goals.

because it will keep sharp your focus.


6: – Self-developing

Do not try to become a monk by meditating but at least keep the important areas of your life in balance.

So it means your blogging passion will not affect your life and your living areas will also not affect your blogging.

Okay, these six habits are enough, in the beginning, to focus on later you can try more strategies and tools.

I wrote about the habits in short because I just want to put the idea into your mind “how a successful blogger looks like”.

On the other hands, it’s an endless topic,

So if you are interested to dig deeper then do not hesitate to ask any question I will do my best to provide strategies and tools, tips, etc.


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