How Do you Find the Motivation and Time to Write Content for Your Blog?

Are you waiting for the perfect moment to come and take you to your seat start typing for you and you just barely hit the publish button?

Never Wait –


#1: There is no Perfect Time or Motivation

I never get any motivation to write on my blog, and neither I wait nor search for it.

But I have done my research and experiments, that what it takes to write content for a blog or any other kind of writing.

In many different areas of writing, all

  • writers
  • bloggers
  • novelists

Are facing the same resistance as beginner bloggers face.

There is some resistance which is real but some are not real, which is only negative beliefs of a writer, blogger, etc

The real resistance which is familiar all around the world is called

writer’s Block. I have written in my book in detail.

Right here do not forget the most important point, let’s see.

When you search on google “writers blocks” google defines it like this.



Google means – losing! – the ability to produce new ideas for years.

Proving this in your case means you are not facing the “writer’s block

because you do not have a successful blog with a lot of content.

These are all excuses, Recently a top writer Jeff Goin tweeted that if you wait to write you are not a writer but a waiter.

Build a Succesful Blog


#2: Passion

As we prove that you are not having writer’s blocks, so then.

The 2nd problem is, that you are not interested in the topic about which you are trying to blog.

Simply, it’s not your passion.

When you blog about your passion it will feel like you are having fun or playing games.

Obviously, there is no perfect time to play or have fun.

In a recent survey, a huge part of bloggers started their blogs as a hobby.


For passionate bloggers, it’s not a problem either they earn or not if they do not earn from blogs they will still blog.

There are no such words for “motivation”.

They have a natural push and energy which keep them busy in blogging.


#3: Overloaded Mind

If you say that you are a passionate blogger and you are still facing resistance which does not let you achieve the next level.

so then,

It means you’ve overloaded your mind with a lot of information and you are confused about where to start over.

yes, it’s true that we are living in the age of overloaded information, finding any kind of information is just a matter of typing.

And another source of information is social media which is horrible.

Everyone is appealing “DO this to get This” these are just catchy headline posts that invite you to waste your time.

Some of them are serious but not ALL.

You should choose and work hard to find who can help you better.


#4: – Little Things

Keep in mind that what I have learned in years is “ To Do Little Things With Great Love”.

I mean Tiny, micro.

micro blogging

Doing little things and providing a lot of value is fun.

for example writing

If you are trying to write on blog post daily, try half, if you are still facing any problem, cut the half more.

One sentence at a time is really a good job.

subconsciously, you will build a habit, and then that habit will force you to write.

This way you can win.

Do not be a hard worker, never overload your mind to do this and that.

Blogging is not an overnight success.


#5: Time

time blog

There are two hard rules about spending your time.

which goes like this

“Either you spend your time Or the time spends you”.

It means you have 2 choices and depends on your whole life not only in blogging.



Get the things done before some steal your idea in thin air.

Your time is your money and you should never waste it.




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