How do you Set Goals for your Blog Achievements? Beginners

Are you someone that likes to make a New Years’ resolution?  Do you ever stick to it, or do you find that it is something that seems to dissipate after a few weeks, months, or even days?

The best way to gain momentum with your online business is to undertake goal setting for your blog and then stick to them!

Write your goals down and make yourself accountable.  You will be surprised at how achievable they will become.

The first questions you need to ask yourself are:

What are your goals for your blog this year?  

Have you set your goals firmly in your sight?

Once you know what your goals are, it will be a lot easier to actually work towards them.  Unless you have a clear direction, how on earth do you expect to achieve them?  Nothing will magically happen, but things will happen if you have a goal and target in sight.  The key ingredient is having a clear and focused goal.

It is not however sufficient to merely come up with a list of goals, write them down and then expect them to magically happen.  To ensure that your online business is successful there are a few steps you need to take in order to achieve them.  Goal setting is incredibly important and here are six steps you can take for greater success.


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1: Goal setting needs to include both long and short term goals

Both of these types of goals are very important for your blog.

The long-term goals define what you are doing and provide you with the guidance and direction that you need for your overall blog.

These goals are ultimately what you want to achieve; for example “I want to work from home full time” or “I want to connect with other bloggers so that I can be a blog contributor on a regular basis”.

The short term goals will help you achieve your long term goals, for example; “I’m going to comment on 10 blogs in my niche every day” or “I’m going to connect with 10 bloggers every week for guest posting opportunities” or “I’m going to commit to posting on my blog every second day”.  These short-term goals ultimately add up to achieve the long-term goals that you have set.


2: Ensure your goal setting has a time period attached.

I mentioned previously that you need to make yourself accountable in order to achieve your goals.

By writing them down and having a time frame to work towards, you are demonstrating that you are making a concrete plan and that plan is being put into action.

Anyone can dream about what they would like to happen, but what separates a dream from reality?  It’s the action you put into place and action is incredibly important when goal setting for your blog.

To achieve your online success, you need to think about, write down and make yourself accountable to your goals.  Setting time frames for your goals gives you the stepping stones to work on.

As a minimum, you should be setting yourself monthly and yearly goals.  Ideally, you should also be setting weekly goals, and you may even set goals to be achieved every few days.

In any workplace, you have tasks to be achieved and deadlines to meet, and your online business is no different.

It may not always be possible to stick to the goals that you have set yourself, but the important thing is having the routine in place and adjusting it if necessary.

Without the initial plan set up, you will never be accountable to yourself and it is guaranteed that something else will always appear that will take precedence.  Simply by having a target for your goals, you are making them a priority and things that have a priority are those that will happen.


3: Don’t give up if you don’t achieve your goal

Goal setting is what gives you the drive, a plan of action, and a sense of purpose.  If you do not reach the goal by the date you initially set it is important not to beat yourself up about this.



If you are spending time and energy being concerned with not meeting a goal, then you are certainly not going to meet the next one!

Pick yourself up, readjust and move on.  Aim for the next goal and see what happens, but keep that focus and your goals in the forefront of your mind.


4: Constantly reinforce your goals

What happens to your goals when you write them?  Do you file them somewhere safe or do you have them on view to see every single day?  Whilst it is great that you have written your goals and given yourself a timeline to stick to, how are you going to remember what they are unless you can actually see them?

Having your goals in constant view will help with your account and will ensure that those goals are constantly on your radar never to be forgotten!


5: Ensure your goal setting is achievable

Whilst I said not to become too concerned about not meeting your goals on time, you have to be realistic about them.  What is your plan for your online business?  Is it to meet new people, make a million dollars, give up your current job, obtain financial freedom?  Whatever your goal is, it needs to be achievable in the time frame you have given yourself.  Anything is achievable over time, but is it really realistic to expect to make a million dollars in a month?  If you don’t make that million are you going to give up?  Set yourself a target that is realistic to the goal you want to achieve.


6: Evaluate your goals:

It is important to recognize and appreciate what you have achieved, and then evaluate what you have done.  Constant evaluation and reflection will keep you on track, highlight what worked, what didn’t work, and provide you with new direction and goals for the future.  Goal setting is a journey, so whether your goals were successful or not, you will have learned something in the process.  Take what you have learned, expand on it, and learn some more!

So what goals are you setting for your online business this year and what strategies have you put into place to work towards them?

commenting on other blogs

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