How I Achieved 99% Productivity Level with Writing App?

Unbelievable – isn’t it?  Yes, it is – This is the only app I regularly use since 2015 and it’s years of loyalty.

The app payback in various ways and I love it.

I can claim that Grammarly helped me 50% in my writing journey and still helping.

What motivates me to write this post is their weekly reports – on 30th May, they sent me this report that amazed me and made my month not a day.


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And the last report of six months’ HERO that I received today was amazing and it’s nearly made my year after surviving in the pandemic of 2020.

For now, let’s get into the setup and use Grammarly in your daily writing (Signup Link)

Later I will tell my story in more detail (maybe in future posts).


Setting Up Grammarly in your Browser

Everyone knows about Grammarly and it’s not a new or unfamiliar tool but if you still not using then let’s make it your first priority tool.

As far I know most of my followers using some other methods in their writing process that make them a little tired and time-consuming.

For example, Before Grammarly, I used to check my sentences when I doubt them in the search engine and after assuring myself that the paragraph is correct then I used to use the Hemingway app to make the sentences easier to read.

But with Grammarly, You don’t have to.

We can simply call it a quick and complete tool.

So let’s begin

Visit Grammarly’s home page by clicking the above link and simply install the extension and don’t forget to sign up to count on your productivity.

Also, don’t forget to weekly check your Grammarly report in your inbox.

At the time of writing Grammarly support 4 popular browsers -(NOTE), you must check if something has changed.


Build a Succesful Blog


Most of the time Grammarly doesn’t ask you to signup first as far as I know but asks you to install the extension first.


How did I Hit 99% productivity?

99% productivity with grammarly

If you ask me whats makes you hit this productivity level – My simple answer will be it keeps me engaged with my words and I keep going until I don’t dump my mind into words.

When I make little mistakes the Grammarly little logo turns around and catches the mistake that keeps me engaged.

Don’t rush Here – I know – I know most of my fellow bloggers and writers turn off the Grammarly app or similar apps to let them write their minds.

Sometimes I do the same but I found more productivity by letting my little friend Grammarly active on duty with me.

This is someone who counts on me and I keep going.

I have read lots of writers and old books and the one thing they commonly advise is to write distraction-free.

But for me – this is not true and in my FREE Available books.

I have mentioned several times and have warned new bloggers to write their first drafts without an app  – But I think I am winning here.

In short – I can say – My weakness is my strength.

The one thing I am trying here is to let my little friend ON and try to achieve the highest level of productivity.


Interesting Topic

For bloggers it depends on many aspects – We bloggers only write when we see some benefits ahead or when we are simply passionate about the topic.

When we expect more traffic or conversion then we write with great love.

So the second point that helped me achieve the 99% productivity level is an interesting topic.

And for it means a keyword-rich topic – that people search and a blogger can beat the competition.

on this idea, I’ve written a whole book – Outrank Experts.


best blogging book for beginners 2021


And when you see that there are some benefits then it will keep you motivated and productive and that’s how you will achieve the highest level of productivity.

I think there are more points but for now, I can’t wait to share this achievement with my 10k followers.

Because of this I will not write the conclusion for now and will add more points and then I will write the conclusion.

I am gonna promote this post as much as possible to let everyone know about Grammarly and its magic.

Thanks for now.

PS. Don’t forget to share your thoughts.

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