How to Reduce Spam Comments On your Blog?

If you have a WordPress blog that is fairly well known, the most annoying thing is the critical nature of the anti-spam (comment spam) daily.  Every time you log into WordPress, you will see all the comment spam is pending deletion.  Either you have to delete them manually or let them down in the spam queue.


First let’s understand exactly what a spam comment is:

Comment spam is a first comment (comment) posted automatically in blogs, websites, forums .., programs, scripts, or automated software.

Typically, comments contain spam keywords and links are unrelated to the content of the article which is published there.


If you are getting a lot of comment spam in your WordPress blog, here are some techniques that can help you reduce them on the WordPress Blog:


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1. Akismet WordPress Plugin Install

Akismet WordPress plugin is seen as the best way to reduce comment spam mail. This plugin will check every comment sent to your blog and make an important check on the Akismet web service to determine if this comment is comment spam.


2. Closing comments on old posts

The sender is targeted comment spam posts get good traffic, and you can automatically close the comment on the article that after a certain number of days.

How do the following? Log into your blog, go to Settings> Discussion. Next, select the Automatically close comments on article cũ coal and enter the date in the text box (e.g. 90).

This ensures that the written comment for any older posts that you define the number of days (example above is 90 days) were closed.



3. Block IP address bad

Wp-Ban is a useful WordPress plugin that can be used to blacklist IP addresses that tried to post comment spam to your blog. This plugin will check the IP address of the person to leave comments and if this is the same IP address with an IP address which you have installed this utility, the written comments were forbidden to display a custom message.



4. Using Custom WordPress functions to block the referral source is empty

In most cases, the spam comment writers never visit your blog and you can use these guidelines to decrease spam.

Log in to the WordPress administration area of your blog and the “Theme Editor”. Select the theme functions.php file and open the blog to edit. Paste the following code into it:

< ?php
function verify_comment_referer() {
if (!wp_get_referer()) {
wp_die( __(‘You cannot post comment at this time,
may be you need to enable referrers in your browser.’) );
add_action(‘check_comment_flood’, ‘verify_comment_referer’);

The function will check the “reference” site that posted the comment on it. In the case of comment spam, if the reference is empty, then the comment should never be allowed to register, and so you do not receive any comment spam.


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