How to Auto Share your Blog Posts?

In the Early days of blogging, it was hard to share your blog post all around.

Also, there was no popular social network like – Facebook or Twitter. etc.

People were using the search engines and RSS feeds and some directories to get traffics on their blogs.

I still remember the yahoo chat room where people used to spam the feeds with the message “make money on the internet”.

But those days are gone.

Nowadays this is so much easy to share your post and get traffic right away.

So in this post, I will share some ways to auto-share your posts.

Let’s Begin


Word Press

If you are a user then wordpress has made it so easy.

Just by one click your post publishes In 15 tags and categories inside (readers) and notify your followers.

Also, has made it easy to publish your post on the out social platform

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Tumbler

Tumbler is also a mixed platform of blogging and social media and the other three you know well.

Last day I signed In after 8 Years on tumbler and my post was there to see.

I deleted all – related to writing from my previous blogs.


Connect your Accounts

It’s really easy and I will just go quick on this.

Go to My site – Then Marketing and from right there connect your accounts.

How to be a succesful blogger

I’ve Connected all.

When you publish your post it will automatically post on your accounts.

if you have not done then do so.


Mail Chimp

From the marketing tab, you can also connect to Mailchimp.

“what is Mailchimp?”.

Mailchimp is a service that helps you connect with your audience through email.

Their free plan allows you to send your newsletter to 2000 audeinces.

When you publish a new post your post will be sent to them.

The question that arises here is how to collect emails.

You can do it easily with wordpress official instructions.

I will write about this in future posts.



If you are a wp paid user then you have plenty of options and tools to quickly set up auto-sharing.

The good news for you is that you can auto-share old posts too.

Try any of the plugins

  • Revive Network
  • CoSchedule
  • NextScripts
  • AccessPress Social Auto Post
  • Buffer

Just search after clicking add new plugin.





I have a whole post about manual posting to 4 networks with one click.

But nowadays buffer only allow 3 social networks in their free plans and it still okay for us.

In the first days of the buffer, they used to allow free users to post on 6 social networks.

You can read here about – setting up buffer to stay active on your social networks.

you can schedule 10 posts per day.



Auto share is really helpful and you should employ this free service.

Nowadays blogging and earning is so easy.


How to be a succesful blogger

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