How to be a Succesful Blogger?

This may sound odd. You might have come across hundreds of articles where you have seen how to become an established blogger.
Today, let’s talk about something different. If you are striving to be an established blogger, don’t give up. Keep trying because we need you.
Here are some of the reasons why the Internet needs you.

1. Internet is full of crap

Believe it or not, the internet is full of crap. You may not understand it because we only look at the internet from the surface. But, the truth is that there are millions of crappy and spammy websites out there which are just trying to steal money and deprive the hard workers.
There are probably a thousand times more crappy websites out there than the quality ones. Your goal should be to be in the quality ones.
Don’t just create another blog for earning some quick money and then give up when you can’t. I have been blogging for a year now. I only started to earn some decent money recently. For the first months, a blogger can’t even earn a penny.
Build a Succesful Blog

2. Users are always searching for new information

The good thing about blogging is that the readers are always searching for new information and the authors are always providing new information on their blog. That’s the life cycle of a blog. Since the internet is full of crap, it needs some good quality content.
Why the hell do you think Google goes to all this trouble to update their algorithms 500 times a year? To protect the internet from spam. To provide relevantly, high quality, and useful content to its readers. And you should join the fight.

3. People need mentors

Believe it or not, but people love to be guided by someone. It makes it easier for them. Be a mentor to others. Help out, other people.
Don’t just write posts to satisfy yourself. Start guiding others and help them. That way, people will love you. At the end of the day, you will be happy after helping out others.

4. Google needs mentors as well

John Chow recently mentioned this in one of his posts. According to him, instead of fighting Google for SEO, we should be its guide.
He compares Google and the readers with a blind man and they are counting on the blog authors to lead the way. They are counting on the authors to support them.

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