How to be a Successful Blogger & Keeps on Building Successful Blogs

Everyone talks about how to build a successful blog – including me.

But no one talks about how to be a successful blogger.

By Becoming a successful blogger, you can build a dozen successful blogs and can write many books.

Also – you can hit the rank of a best seller one day.

But the game of becoming a successful blogger is more complicated than building a successful blog.

It is not the same race but having a completely different destination.

So today, I will talk about this scenario from many angles.

So let’s get started – Are you Ready?


Step#1: Habits

As we know, we first put the effort to obtain our best habits, and then our habits make us.

Our thoughts become behavior and our behavior converts into action and in the blink of an eye, it forms a habit.

But when it comes to building good habits the above is false in this case & true for bad habits.

Forming a good habit is hard but easy to live with

Forming a bad habit is easy but hard to live with

Bad habits do not need any struggles to build just like a ground where no one lives around and the plant grows by itself.

On the flip side when you try to build some good habits then you will have to struggle day and night.

We need good habits and everyone loves to struggle for good habits to be built.

But the reality is we are only interested not committed.

When you are not committed you will make thousands of excuses.

Once you committed you will walk on thousands of excuses.

And you will do what’s for you have made a commitment.

A blogger should be committed to building a successful blog.

For building a successful blog and becoming a successful blogger.

Get your first step and be committed.

Second try to avoid bad habits and regenerate good habits.

Bloggers mean writers and as Stephen King says A writer/blogger should do two things regularly from above all.

  • #1 Reading
  • #2 writing

If you want to be a successful blogger you have to be busy 24/7 in reading and in writing.

It’s really a hard job but you have to – if you are committed.

I have written in my book how to build writing habits from scratch.

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#2: Routine

The second most important point in blogging or in any other business is routine.

When you work in a sequence daily your subconscious mind notice and hold preparation for the next day.

Your success depends on your routines as well as on habits.

For becoming a successful blogger you have to keep red-eye on your daily routines.

When you sleep? how much you sleep?

When your energy flows wild and when you get bored?

How much time do you spend online and on social media, watching the tv?

How many hours do you work daily on your blog?

You have to move to a schedule, Routines bless you with a sharp focus.

As soon as you get up early in the morning prepare yourself mentally for the rest of the day.

Be prepared and repeat several times that

“Today is gonna be the perfect day”.

And then start doing little things with Great – Great – Great love

Keeps on working on your small goals.

Take baby steps and let the wheel rounding.

So you may have a good idea to set up your daily routines But I am trying to convince you that a life of routine is easy to live in and without routines, you can waste much time.

Be focused and be punctual and be honest with your dreams.

Keep in mind You are only responsible for your own success.


#3: Master Your Crafts


Build a Succesful Blog - jeef goins photo

As Jeff Goins says, When no one watches – Keep mastering your crafts.

If you want to be an authority and represent yourself as an expert in front of your audience then you have to be a master of your crafts.

Master your skills – and be an expert.

In blogging, you don’t have to master every skill which bloggers need on his journey.

But the most important skill which you have claimed on your blog that you are an expert.

It means your blog niche.

Your niche is your expertise area and you must master it.

#3.1, Be a Collecter

When it comes to successful blogging you have to be a stats junkie and you must keep records of many different data.

Somehow you will need it in the future.

A report from McKinsey global institute shows that employees waste 30% of their’s time daily to locate information.

Build a Succesful Blog -saearching for info 30%

Learn from their mistakes and track your data wisely.

As you know time is money and you don’t want to leave money on the table.


#4: Build a Community

When someone first starts blogging the first goal they work for to get traffic.

And they keep the first step in the wrong place.

Traffic means humans with eyeballs just like yours and mine.

Build a Succesful Blog - eye balls
Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

Never aim for traffic but focus on building a community.

Meet people one by one and appreciate what they are doing.

Another mistake we make at beginning of blogging is that we target everyone and the whole world.

But everyone is not your target and neither your stuff works for everyone.

You need unique members for your blogging community as you are unique in your skills, appearance, and invoice.

You have to look for them and struggle to reach them and engage with them.

Nowadays it’s easy via social media just keep your offer in front of them and don’t force them to join your community.

You will get 80% of results but if you force them you will get no response but a waste of time.

Go ahead and keep digging and you will soon build a community then that community will be your community promoter.

But really it needs a real struggle in the beginning.

Keep in touch with them and prepare a dose of inspiration for them to keep them on track.

Once you connected and got some members then design a questionnaire and ask them what they would love to see on your blog.

They will absolutely respond and make sure you reply to all of them and create value for them.

Once a wise man said – You can’t be a successful blogger until you don’t solve a problem of your audiences which keeps them awake in the middle of the night.

it’s easy to say but a lot of hard work is required to achieve that level and help your community as they expect.

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#5: Try New

I have discussed many times on my blog to build a system and let that system cycle in a sequence and add value to your business.

But I have discussed also that you must try to add new tools and strategies to that system.

if you try new you will reach your goals faster and easier.

But this task is time-consuming.

Some tools or strategies you may like and the style of working but it may not work for you.

It’s logical and if one zero remains zero it might work- you may like but if on another end of your logic it might be not true.

So all I want you to try new and keep adding to your system.

You should not compromise on an un-updated system.

As you know big companies and expert bloggers always in a rush to keep their system updated and make it better even more.

So your blog is your company and you are responsible and it is a real business.

And you need a system and you need it updated.

Keep adding new updates and be a successful blogger.

I am not only pointing you to tech but in blogging, it might be a pencil or pencil color or the color of the pen ink.

Also, it can be a paper which you use for mind maps or outlines a blog post.

For example

You like red color and you are using a pen of yellow color so the point I am making here to change that pen with a new one – RED.


So I made my point and you added a red pen to your system which is appealing to your emotions.

Another example

If you like a strategy and that strategy is to write after running and research after writing and edit after writing or edit at the same moment while you are writing.

So it makes sense to try a reverse engineer for this strategy.

I mean by reverse here is to run after you finish writing if it works well and you wrote more on that day then it means that it works for you and you should reverse engineer this strategy and then add to your system.

By system I mean here “routines” or the writing process.

So I just gave you examples to try on new things the rest depends on you and you know well what works best for you.


#6: Practice

I talk a lot about “Practice makes perfect”.

As Aristotle says

Build a succesful blog - quote aristotle

You must agree that this is true and works for everyone.

My personal experience with this quote is that sometimes I wonder how did I write the whole blog post without putting much effort.

it means I have achieved the excellency level after a long run.

The practice is the only choice you have if you are still struggling in your blogging journey.


#6: Hire Team


Build a successful blog - team work

Blogging is No longer a one-man show.

As we all know big companies and expert bloggers are putting more and more effort into blogging and day by day they are growing.

Using many different paid and new tools.

Even they have hired

  • Editors
  • Designers
  • SEO Experts
  • Social media manager

And other skilled employees and they are working as a team on one blog.

Expert blogger only brings ideas to the table and the rest of the team works on that idea from many angles.

So if you want to go deeper then outsource.

If you just want to keep your passion up with blogging and currently you are not competing with anyone.

Then this will not be a wise decision to pay for outsourcing.

On the flip side – if you just want to grow faster or to achieve some level then you may consider paid tools.

This whole scenario depends on your blogging situation and offers you many options to choose from.



Building a successful blog and becoming a successful blogger takes time.

It’s hard work but not impossible.

Every blogger stuck somewhere but they outsource.

If on any step you stuck somewhere try to get help do not care either it’s free or paid but let the things done & move on.

Always focus on your mental health.

A little stone on the way can ruin your blogging journey and as you know the recovery needs more time.

Let your system and experience build day by day.

Keep mastering your crafts.

Meet more people.

Live a smooth life of laptop lifestyle.


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  1. Thankyou for this post, it has helped me stay motivated. I feel it can be so hard to slip out of good habits especially when there are other things on, but it is important to try to get back on track again. Although I do still think that it is good to take breaks.

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