How to be More Productive and Work Smart

Do you believe dreams come true when someone works hard? WrongRight?


Still, confused?

People around the world love smart work. But can’t do.

if they try – They subconsciously go natural and start working hard again.

For example.

If someone wants to write a blog post. They will think like this.

I will publish a post tomorrow on my blog.

So it means you will mind map, outline, write the first draft, research and edit in only one day.

The main thing here is without having any idea in hand.

This way your tomorrow will never come.

So it means it is hard work.

On the flip side, smart work is more natural than hard work.

Smart work is simple to do one task at a time and step by step.

If you are a regular writer and have a habit to publish a post daily.

Then it’s okay and will be easy for you but if you don’t have any habit and practice.

You will make excuse like tomorrow.

If you break down the task into many small tasks then it is smart-work.

You can commit yourself to finish the subtask daily or weekly. Etc


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#1:) – The Power of NOW

Do not wait for tomorrow,  start using the power of now with a simple easy task.

The power of now goes like this.

Richard Branson who runs hundred of companies.

Richard Branson March 2015 (cropped).jpg

This man started one of his companies when his flight delayed at an airport.

And a beautiful lady was waiting for him in another city.

He planned to book a new jet for him but the fair was high.

So he changed the idea a little bit like this.

He wrote on a whiteboard the airfare to the destinations per person.

The people grabbed the offer and the passenger booked all the available seats.

This way everyone went to their home on time and Richard started a company of passenger plan.

This is how the power of now works.

Do not leave today work for tomorrow.


#2: – Set Small Goals

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If you tell yourself to run 5km every morning.

Your mind will object and will give you hundreds of excuses.

If you ask 4 km – chances are low in excuses.

What about 3.

Two are perfect.

1 maybe

Just for 5 minutes… — Okay

That’s how your mind will not object …. so you can run 5 minutes on the first try.

Keeps on increasing your running time 5 more minutes daily – next week or next month Or next Year …. until 5km…

That’s how you can achieve your big goals.


#3:) – Pomodoro Technique


A popular technique people are using all over the world which sharp focus.

If you give a limited time to your mind to finish a task.

It will not only sharpen your focus but also allow your mind to consume more energy and finish.

That’s where the Pomodoro techniques come into play.

It is actually a small watch which rings every 25 minutes to stop working and get fresh air for five minutes.

Use the Pomodoro app on your phone or install the Google Chrome extension.

This simple tool is available in all app stores.

For quick use this site.

build a successful blog - pomodoro - site

Be addicted to Pomodoro not only for writing a blog post but everywhere.

Sharp your focus subconsciously

The easy way to sharpen your focus is an affirmation.

There are different phrases for different tasks.

Here I have one phrase

“ I am even more productive today”


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#4:) – Visualization

Just visualize multiple times a day that you are doing your most important task.

This way your subconscious mind does not differentiate what real and what’s imagined.

Imagine how it will look like when you achieved your goals.

Feel it and be emotional.

By tricking your mind you will get more positive results.

Clear the tasks before you start your day.

Mind process 48.6 thoughts per minute and thinks about future past present and many other junks.

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A lot of confusion generates from moments to moments.

Before you start your day get pen and paper or use your smartphone and clear what are the important task today to work on.

Write the most important task first and then so on.

As vishan asked the founder of mind valley Richard Brandon

“How you run 300 companies?”

And how you get things done he replied I create a list every morning of all-important tasks and then I begin.

Build a Succesful Blog --- list

Simple and practice will make it perfect.


#5:) – Old School Technique

Keeping a card in your pocket.

Write goals on a simple visiting card and keep it in your pocket.

As many times as you put your hand into your pocket.

You will receive a powerful signal to your mind to attract your goals.

It’s a really simple technique to just sharp your focus.



The more focus you put on the area you are working on the more productive result will appear on your behavior and analytics.

Keep your goals to yourself do not share with anybody.

Because research found who keeps Thiers’s goal apart from the daily task and do not share with others.

Achieve faster than those who share.

Let me know what is your best tools or techniques to sharpen our focus?


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11 thoughts on “How to be More Productive and Work Smart”

  1. Setting small goals is a pretty important thing I feel, as ‘many small things that are done’ are much more valuable than ‘one big thing that’s seldom finished’. Thanks for this!

    1. Hope you’ll help me in this journey. Just leave a message on my WhatsApp No (03059103387) Really looking forward to learning and gaining all this extraordinary knowledge from you.

    2. Walay koom salam Bilal – Insha Allah I will -Everything is already published!

      If Something still poping in your head – Feel Free to ask.

  2. I loved it… very well written… keep it up… I’ve followed you..I hope to see some more amazing stuff by you.. 😊 Please checkout my blog too… I hope you’ll have a good time reading them… lots of love.. 😊

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