How to Boost Blog Reader Ship? Quick List

It wouldn’t be amazing to get more people to read your blog and appreciate your work.

Everyone nowadays is blogging but some people put themselves in efforts to design and write their best.

Merging text and visuals is new digital data.

The only text-based blog gets less engage readers than a blog that uses tons of graphics.

So to keep this in mind start using Visual data on your blog.

In the first days of blogging, Bloggers used to say that an image is worth thousands of words.

For Illustration and Graphics use Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software to generate good

  2. Templates
  3. case studies
  4. Research Analytics
  5. Facts
  6. Reports

Make your post visual after every 500 words because the human mind process faster visual information more than a paragraph of text.

For Readership, you have to put yourself in hard work

  1. Solve the problem in your niche
  2. Write A free Ebook and offer on your blog
  3. Answer others on Quora
  4. write on medium
  5. promote your contents regular
  6. Design quick quotes for social awareness of your brand with
    Pablo. buffer. com.
  7. Write guest posts on other people’s blogs.


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There are a lot more ways to increase blog readership but if you follow the above steps it will boost your blog and these are the pillars.

Writing your best post out there and adding tons of visuals and value always payback.

Don’t be mistaken – it also, depends on the use of category and tags.

If you use both the right way especially using reader it can boost your blog traffic and you can meet more passionate people.

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