How to Boost your Motivation to Write Dozens of Blog Posts?

One of the biggest blogging advice tips I can give you is to work at keeping your motivation to write high!

Are you someone who finds it difficult to find the motivation to write?  If we are honest every blogger will suffer from a lack of motivation at some point in time, the question is what you do about it!

To be successful in blogging, you need to be posting consistently onto your site and this means consistent quality content.  This may seem easy when you begin your blogging career, but have you really thought about what this means?  It means posting for the lifetime of your blog, no matter what!!

Staying motivated to write is not as easy as it sounds, and it is important to be aware of the barriers that may come into play.  If you are aware of them, it is easier to manage them when they arise.

There are a few common reasons that bloggers lose their motivation to write.  Let’s explore them, so you can avoid falling into the pitfalls.


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1: Motivation To Write Decreases With A Lack Of Passion

I have mentioned before how important it is to have a real passion for your blog topic.

You need to choose a topic that excites you and one that you are going to want to spend a lot of time and energy investing in.

Successful blogging is not a ‘get in and get out’ game.  It is a long-term commitment and one that you MUST keep up in order to see the rewards.

Perhaps when you started your blog you ‘thought’ you were passionate about your chosen topic.  It could be that maybe you are not as passionate as you once thought and therefore your motivation to write is going to decrease.

Be very careful when you choose your blog topic.  Is this something you feel you can write about instead of watching your favorite tv show?

Are you prepared to work late at night (if you have other daytime commitments) instead of relaxing at home?

If not, then maybe your chosen topic is not something that you are really passionate about!


2: Lack Of A Blogging Space Will Affect Your Writing Motivation

Everybody’s home situation is different, but the one thing that needs to be consistent to keep your motivation to write is to have a quiet place.  If you are trying to juggle blogging whilst looking after the kids, and managing the household chores, you are going to find it very difficult.

The stress of not having some quiet time to undertake your blogging will soon mean your motivation to write will decrease.

You need to have somewhere that is quiet and comfortable.  How else can you expect to concentrate if life is buzzing past you?  Not giving yourself a space to sit and blog is setting yourself up for failure.


 3: Life Is Too Busy To Write

All of us lead busy lives, but the question is how you manage that lifestyle.  Undertaking blogging is not going to make your life easier, it is going to make it more hectic!

You need to be honest with yourself about how much you can actually do.  A blogging schedule is crucial to stay on track with the goals you set for your blog, but you need to be realistic with what you can manage from the start.


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If you find that you can do more than you initially thought then that’s great.  It’s easy to increase the workload.  However, if you try and do more than is realistically possible, you will soon feel overwhelmed.

Being overwhelmed is a sure-fire way of losing your motivation.  Once everything starts getting into the ‘too hard basket’, it is going to be very difficult to find a way out again.


4: Sleep Deprivation Will Decrease Your Motivation To Write

None of us can function without adequate sleep, so if you think you can blog into the midnight hours and function properly the next day, you will be mistaken.  Not getting enough sleep on a regular basis will leave you feeling tired, and being tired is a massive catalyst for losing motivation.

You know your body better than anyone, and you know how much sleep you need not only to function but to function well.  Make sure that you look after your body so that you remain healthy.  A healthy mind will help keep your motivation to write strong.

If you feel that you need some guidance to keep your motivation strong, then I would highly recommend you tap into the learn how to blog program.

The support team in the program is there to not only help you with your blogging questions but can also help keep you on track with your goals and offer a listening ear.

What keeps your motivation to write high?  Have you ever had periods where your motivation seemed to take a tumble?  What did you do to counteract this?  Please share your thoughts with us below.


commenting on other blogs

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