How to Build a Passive Income Through Succesful Blogging?

Wouldn’t it be great to generate revenue through successful blogging and earn from serving your passion and others?

The answer should be GREAT.

As you know your or other people’s final goals somehow end on the money.

So in this post, we will go through some ways to merge in blogging and generate passive income.


Passive Income

The first thing I want to be clear that I am not going to tell you that passive income is a quick rich scheme business.

It takes time and effort to hit a level first and then generate income.

In blogging it almost take 6 – 12 months to see income.

You have to regularly generate content without asking for results.

Once you got content then start promoting and when you see you are getting some interesting traffic then monetize your blog.


How to be a succesful blogger

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Affiliate Marketing

The breakthrough when you get some unique visitors on your blog then monetizes your blog with affiliate links.

If you are not sure what is affiliate marketing then read this long post to get the idea.

In the beginning, I recommend joining the amazon associate program.

Why Amazon?

Because the platform is already trusted and people feel comfortable shopping there and that’s why they have a low commission rate.

But on the flip side, you can make more sales easily.

While on the other hand if you join an affiliate platform that is new then you can’t make some good income by making fewer sales.

So Amazon is the best.


Products and Services

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Don’t be wrong here only promote related products to your niche and topic.

If you have used that product or service then you can easily convince others to buy.

Write your best reviews on the products and share with your audeinces.

You have to be real in a recommendation – never mislead others.

Because building trust is a hard game and it’s easy to lose.


Own Products or Services

If you don’t want to promote other people’s products then create your own.

Even it can be a Book in different formats and it’s more beneficial to have own products.


Join and create your own Gigs and promote on your blog. to help other to solve their problem.

Service is an active income but if your blog gives you clients then it becomes a mixed-income.



Try easy ways and simple ideas in the beginning later you’ll see more opportunities.

Treat blogging as your real business and it will payback.

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4 thoughts on “How to Build a Passive Income Through Succesful Blogging?”

  1. I have to disagree with you about Amazon. I have tried several times to use their affiliate program, but if you don’t generate sales quickly enough, they cut you. Other platforms have more patience for new bloggers/marketers. Otherwise, some good advice, thanks!

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