How To Build a Succesful Blog of Your Passion

Blogs Are EveryWhere. And The Web Is Full.

But building a blog Of your passion,

A blog which will provide value to humanity,

A new thought from a completely new angle.

A new vision.

A blog, full of inspiration and full of knowledge.

A solution to a problem.

A blog that you will love.

A blog of pride.

A Thanks from your audience from their deep down heart.

Is Not That Easy – I am not joking – Blogging is not only about writing – It is, even more, broader and deeper than we think.

It is a real Business, A real job you ever loved and wanted to misplace yourself in it’s ups-&-downs.

Are you Ready? To dive into a life of blogging and – “Live a Laptop Lifestyle Through Successful Blogging!”.

Blogging is all about you and it’s a tool made from the complex technology to help you in many different aspects of your life.

In this post, I will shed light on comprehensive details which will help you to build a blog of your dreams.

#1):-Why I Need a Succesful Blog

I am not a blogging preacher but In today’s digital world Blogging became so much so popular.

Everyone is blogging but some people know about it and using it well, Generating income, Promoting personal and business brands.


Sharing knowledge, Teaching skills of their passion, spreading the love around the world.

Helping in the real-time.

Reaching and providing value.

Engaging with the same tasters (like-minded) People.

Enjoying a Real-time in passion with fellows from the other side of the world.

Earning A living online and brings food on the table for their families.

Writing history and Stories for the future.

Spreading love and a message of helping in free.

Trying to solve problems in every niche in every aspect of life.

Leading the tribes without asking anything in return.

Providing opportunities all over the world.

Inspiring tribes to struggle even more.

Showing the ways of success.

They are real heroes and running the SHOW in every niche even in a micro-niche.

It’s an opportunity for you and me to dive in and use these tools to reach the goals that we have ever written on a piece of paper.

Dreams which we have seen in the light of a day.

Blogging is a serious game to be played on the ground of technology.

It’s about building a platform around you.

It’s a Breakthrough in the challenges you are facing right now.

It’s a struggle towards your goals and dreams.

Follow me In this post I am holding you from your hand and will show you a lot about blogging.

#2:)- How To Build A Successful Blog?

The first question always comes into the mind when you try to take action.

“How to?”

But after reading this blog post you will be able to how to build a successful blog.

how to write a blog and crush the writing challenges you have ever faced.

How to turn it into a business and how to monetize in many ways.

How to promote and engage with others.

And at last how to live a Laptop Lifestyle through successful blogging.

You will know how to run and struggle in the ups and down in the challenges of blogging.

You will know about the tools to take you to the next level in your successful blogging journey.

Tips to achieving your goals and success

And how to use blogging in many different ways.

You will be aware of the facts and analytics of the blogging world.

Let’s Get Started?

Shall We?

The First thing is to build a roof of blogging to get set a platform that you will run.

There are three major ways to build a blog people are using successfully and popular among bloggers.

#2.1):- FREE

Free Blogging Services is available from many different companies such as


Build a Succesful Blog - banner

Learn More

If you look in detail you will find many other sites.

But if you ask me what is my favorite?

Of course, I will only refer you to

Because I am using this platform for many years and it runs smoothly.

And the best thing is, it never requires any technical skill neither other care of security and backups.

It’s FREE (limited package).

38.5% of sites on the web are powered by WordPress including

build a succesful blog most popular CMS platform on the Web


At you will only focus on your work without worrying about any technical, security, and backups headaches.

You can build your free blog just in five minutes.

Go to sign up page.

WordPress will guide you step by step as you go through the signup process.

Choose a blog.

In the next step type name and Select Style “Professional”.

At step choose as shown in the Screenshot. You can buy your own domain and other plans also later you can upgrade.

if you want to check the water with one foot then it’s to subscribe to the free plan.

After Completing the Signup Process look for a beautiful theme.

On the themes page, you can search for a theme of your choice, you can upload your own theme.

If you want to set my blog themes you can – my theme name in Shorditch, Search for or click to see Shoreditch And Apply.

I am a theme junkie – In 2014 I spent six months designing a theme for my self-hosted site. And later I delete that site.

Because of a good looking blog theme, you can impress your visitor to stay on your site.

We have listened

“You will never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

That’s Why take care of your theme design.

Always try to be organized as a professional not only your theme but your data also.

As I have written here That human minds like organized things which the mind can gain quick and easy.

Take your time to design your blog and a good looking simple home page.

Which only tells about you and your blog contents.

If you look all around my blog you will like it because I give a lot of time to my blog design and have spent months on it to design it well.

If you are completely a beginner I prefer to use free blogging with

Let’s get to the next step.

#2.2):- Self Hosted

If you want full control of your site then you have to get your hands dirty on some coding process.

Publishing and building will not require you to even write a single code but if you want some advanced features on your site such as

Advance themes design

some quicky and stylish sharing buttons

To run an app on your site just like Neil Patel (ubbersuggest) then you will need to learn some coding or hire coders.

So to get started you will need to buy your own domain but thanks to Bluehost they give free domain for one year if you also buy a hosting service.

Build A suucessful blog Bluhost one year free domain

once you finished this step by step process with the help of Bluehost guidance then you can install WordPress from the Cpanel.

Then install a theme – my recommendation on the theme is airi which I like the most, this theme is available free and paid.

But in the beginning, you do not need a paid version of this theme.

Keep in mind Setting up both FREE or Self – hosted sites is really easy even a kid can do it.

Don’t be overwhelmed the site will guide you step by step.

#3:) Skills You Will Need to Build a Succesful Blog

build a succesful blog

To avoid Confusion I have to tell you first about the skills which you will need on the way to build a successful blog either for your passion or for your business.

Skills are required in every aspect of life and the same applies to the blog.

#3.1): Basic Computer Skills

I will not take much time on this because you already know this but if you still require to polish your skills then I will refer to this site to practice.

Learn basic computer skills with this award-winning organization for free


#3.2:) Skill Of Your Passion

Monetization of a blog is a game-changer but in the beginning, do not focus on this skill.

after a few months in the world of blogging, you will come to know what works for you. 

so you will monetize your blog in a more super way.

And you will earn a good income.

In my book, I’ve written in more detail to minimize a blog and generate a good income.

#3.4): SEO Skill

People say that content is king but the power of that king is SEO.

After discussing niche we will shed light on this with more details, so you will be able to gain and handle your SEO traffic.

#3.5): Promoting Content 

Nowadays it’s easy thanks to buffer – Social media management tools are helpful in promoting content.

In the beginning, you do not need to run a heavy campaign for your content promotion – just do simple and easy promotion.

Once you finished the hard work of your blog then you may focus on promotion and On SEO.

#3.6:) Master Your Writing skill with this Techniques

Now it is time to pick a writing technique and make the process of writing easier.

The traditional technique works for some but not for all.

The easy technique is your own.

Let the other technique works for others.

The four steps of writing technique

  • Madman
  • Architect
  • Carpenter
  • Judge

You sparked by something and you want to write about it.

1:) Madman

Start with the mindmap, collects all the major thoughts you have in your mind on a paper, or use


After completing mind mapping, Start writing from the interesting point which brought you here.

And let the mad man thoughts flow as hellfire from page to page.

Do not judge anything, Just Put the thoughts on paper. even do not care about spelling, grammar, etc.

2:) Architect

You did madman job, Now be an architect, You still do not have the right to hurt madman. I mean to edit anything.

Your job as an architect is to draw some lines and give shape to the whole documents.

Outline all the topics and points in a pattern that will form an argument.


#3:) Carpenter

In the third step, All you have to do to correct the sentence structures straight to the arguments.

If any of the sentences is not adding any value to the argument. “Cut it without any mercy”, it is hard that’s why writers call it “Kill your Darling.”

Clear and short sentences are more impactful.

If you see a long sentence and hard to understand, try to make pieces of it or rewrite it.

But do not touch the grammar or spelling.

#4 Judge

The enemy of madman writing, Nowadays the best judge is Grammarly.

It saves you a lot of time. it helps you correct the following errors, FREE.

Once you polish your whole document, once again let the judge decide what to remain in the document, what to cut and what to add.


#2:) Niche

People Are not aware of this mistake but it can ruin your struggle and blog.

How to write is a broad topic but

How to write a blog is a little narrow

How to write a blog post is more narrow

How to write a blog post >Intro > Body > Conclusion is even more narrow.

This is how you make your niche micro.

Nowadays if you look on the web you will find micro niches.

Another example popped up in my mind is 

How to cook

How to cook fast food > Burger > Pizza > etc

How to cook an Egg > Only yellow > only White or separate them from each other and then cook.

The above example may not fit here but it can you an idea to narrow down your niche just like mine.

How to blog is a broad topic but How to build a blog is a little narrow but how to build a business or successful or passion blog is even more narrow.

always try to make your blog topic micro so you will know your audience more clearly and you will save much time.

As you know – Time is money. 

Do your best research and if you got stuck somewhere then you can ask me in the comment or on quora and I will happily answer you.


#3:) KeyWords Research to Build a Successful Blog

There are many tools to use but google SEO tools are second to none.

Somehow you got an idea about your niche and now the next step is to target some keywords and write content around that targetted keywords.

Keywords are words or sentences people search on google and find the information they need.

You may have noticed when you need some information you visit or any other search engine such as owned by Microsoft.

And in the empty search bar, you enter some words to search so thus these words are the keywords.

Just like you, everyone repeats the same method.

Google offers many tools for this to find your topic keywords such as

  • Google keyword planner
  • Google trends. 

We will talk about the google trend First.

#3.1:) Google trends

Google trend is a tool that gives data and analytics about a topic or specific keywords that how much people are searching for the exact keywords.

And the best thing is that you can compare many keywords to find out which one is trending more.

You can practice this tool with many keywords just as I have done.

Build a succesful blog google trends

 I’ve tried some short keywords and these short-tail keywords are popular topics with high competition.

For your blog, you should focus on long-tail keywords such as

  1. How to be a successful blogger
  2. Or how to build a successful blog

There is another part which also tells you about the related keywords if you scroll down you will find it.



So this tool can help you to choose your best long or short-tail keywords for your blog.

#3.2:) Google Keyword Planner

Google has made things difficult but you can still access the keyword planner tools for free.

use this link to visit and enter the keyword planner.

All you need is a google account.

Practice these tools and it has a lot to tell you about your niche and keywords.

Half of the work can be done by using Google tools.

Let’s have a look at the screenshot to get some ideas.

build a succesfull blog google keyword planner

Just type some simple word in the search bar and it will show you the search volume and other related keywords.

So you can analyze the data and can choose some best keywords for your blog.

These things are easy and simple but take time to understand and work with. 

Don’t be overwhelmed with narrow data tables.

Google keyword has two sides just like a coin 


You can also discover new keywords and much more.

#3.3:) Google Search Console 

Once you did everything then do not forget to verify your site with the search console it will give data about your

  • search rank 
  • search queries
  • position
  • coverage issue with content
  • clicks from search engine
  • impression on search engine
  • etc

This data will help you to write more effective content on your blog.

You can submit a sitemap of your site also your blog content URL for quick indexing.

 build a succesful blog


#4:) Time To coverUp

Now you got the idea about 

  • Setting up a blog free and paid
  • Skills especially writing
  • Niche
  • Keywords
  • Search console

Now it’s time to coverup your micro-niche, keywords with a lot of content.

And hit your keywords from many angles.

Keep writing whenever you get a new idea for a blog post write, write, and keep writing.


#5:) Involve Social media 

Without social media the game of blogging is boring through social media you meet new people and connect with them.

You can find new and like-minded people to engage with.

You gain inspiration and can give inspiration.

That’s all possible on the plate of social media.

Sign up for 

  • Twitter Account
  • Facebook Page
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest Especially works for women

Only focus on one or two by using all social sites can confuse you in no time. 

I use only Twitter and schedule posts only on 3 social sites.

But keep in mind that don’t lose yourself in the feeds of social media and neither use only for content promotion.

Always try to engage with people you only need 1000 to engage with as Seth goddin says.

Ask people questions in polls and keep posting an easy question which will help you get more engagement on posts.

Keep posting your content many times a day to reach your audiences from different time zone and keeps records of your analytics.

Read analytics to do less and get more results from social media.

There are two tools that I use for my blog post and I’ve recommended in many posts.

 5.1:) Buffer

It is a tool to schedule your content and to share with one click on many platforms.

such as 

  • Twitter My favorite
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram, I don’t Use

Build a Succesful Blog publishing


Buffer free plan allows you to schedule 10 posts at a time in each social account queue.

At the beginning of blogging, this free plan works best, you don’t have to buy any advanced plan until you build a successful blog.

Also, install buffer google chrome extension and share or schedule posts with few clicks on many social media sites.

Also, install the buffer app on your phone and keep scheduling and sharing on the way.

It makes your blogging journey easy.

5.2:) Buzzsumo

It is a super tool that works with both social media and content generating.

Buzzsumo actually tells you just like google trends ” what’s trending on social media in your niche”.

Head over to buzzsumo and enter some keywords to find top-performing content.

Build a Succesful Blog - keywords in buzzsumo


You will get some idea of popular posts trending on social media with dates and other details.


build a succesful blog best posts

The popular post at the current time is blogging tools in 2020.

A quick tip to learn here is – view the sharers and write a good post like this from another angle and then tweet to that people and ask them to visit and share.

it means two birds one arrow.

Also, you can search the top-performing  URL on any social media site to find the commenters, sharers, and likers. and then reach them and ask for help.

Keep connecting one person at a time to promote your content, personal brand, or company brand.

social media is a game-changer in the blogging world.


Conclusion on Building a Successful Blog

Everything is possible but the challenge is consistency and hard work.

Now you have the tools and ideas of doing things to make your blog successful.

Keep doing the things and you will get the energy to do the things.

I have seen many people come into blogging and they left without even struggling and some people have won the game without our notice.

And now they are the millionaire.

Some people say it is luck and some say it’s hard work. we are all confused!

But let’s see what the time holds for us.

If you have any questions Or If I have missed something PLEASE FEEL FREE to ask and object.

I will regularly update this post with more tricks and tips.

Leave your email so I can send you the updates or new posts.



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  3. Thanks for good advice and guidance. I am actually a returning blogger. I stopped a few years aghaving run out of things to write, plus pressure of work and other distrations. I’m back and in the process of resurecting my blog and site with a new vigour and passion. This time I will monitise it as per the many guides around to do this.
    What has made me start again? Well, I caught COVID a month ago and was seriously ill in hospital for a week. The virus went after my heart. I’m now well on the road to recovery and seriously fre-evaluating my life and in particular work. I now finally have time to think about ambitions properly and pay use attention to them. Looking to make introductory first post in about a weeks time. Amongst other topics, it will be about self development and well-being.
    Hope you come visit. Marty

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