How To Build A WordPress Website

WordPress is powerful enough to make a website of any size and is capable of receiving millions of page views every hour if the server is fast enough that is but that’s only possible with extensions that cache pages and allow them to be served as static pages, instead of using CPU resources to build a page from the database.

To build a WordPress website you need to:


1. Domain and server requires a domain name and a server to be able to work. You should always use a web hosting company that allows unlimited traffic and space because you will need to be able to receive as many visitors as possible and you will also need all the space you need for backups, extensions, templates, content, and files you will save in the server.

Unlimited space and traffic web hosting services are low-cost these days, perfect for beginners and professional WordPress website builders.


2.CMS WordPress

Now that you have the server and the domain, it’s time to install WordPress on the server. Some web hosting companies allow one-click installation that does exactly that, it installs WordPress in the server with just one click and in a few minutes, an hour at most, you have WordPress ready to receive content, readers, and to make money.


3. Themes Or Template

You need a good template to attract both people and search engines. The more unique the template is, the more readers and search engines will love your blog. If you cannot make a CSS template yourself, buy one from a specialist website. The price is great and the benefits immense.


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4. Write

Now you need to write a lot of content. Good blogs have new content every day, so if you cannot write new content every day, pay someone that can.

The content is the most important part of any blog because if the content is not good, people won’t come.


5. Widgets are there to help

you can add anything you want with them. You can make links to other sites, you can add Facebook widgets, you can add Share

You can add RSS, scripts, text, anything you want. Use them wisely because too many widgets will make your blog slower and speed is very important today as readers want a website that loads instantly and searches engines do not tolerate lack of speed.


6. Plugins are critical

There are plugins for SEO, which you should use to create SEO-friendly posts. There are also plugins to speed up the website such as the WordPress Super Cache.

Your website won’t be able to serve more than a few thousand visitors per day if you do not use Super Cache.

Finally, there are also plugins to backup and upgrade the website easily. However, make sure the plugin has 5 starts or you can install something that will crash your website


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