How to Build Your Online Presence In 2021?

The BIG question❓

But if you take a step back and ask yourself again.

Why I should build an online presence?

The big why.

Is it for

  • Personal brand
  • Professional brand
  • Business brand
  • Company brand
  • Political party
  • Just to look smart

Yes – it depends on many aspects.

For a blogger and freelancer’s online presence, works just like a marketing force to spread his/her brand awareness.

If you are a writer or, artist, etc then you are in the right place.

Today in this post we will talk about building a strong online presence.

Let’s Get Started!

Shall we?


#1: – Your Blog

We are living In a digital world. if you look a few years back you will notice that businesses were only using newspaper and television ads to promote his 

  • Products
  • Brands
  • Services
  • etc

And for them, it was really hard to educate his consumer.

But if you look in 2021 around you will notice that every big and small company or brand his own website.

And they have published all the information – available to everyone.

They are appearing everywhere offline and online.

Just to make a strong relationship with their’s target and then sip the juice like a boss.

Even they spend billions of dollars on different campaigns.

For example:

Samsung Spend 2.41 billion.

Amazon Spent 6.88 only in the US

Build a Succesful Blog - amazon advertising

So there is plenty of examples to satisfy yourself to accept the power of branding.

For a single person or a small company, there is no need to spend a dime online to promote his brands.

Because you do not have millions of products and services which will generate billions in return.

For personal branding, the web is full of free tools to just use and get results.

As you know and maybe you have a successful blog already.

If you do not have one it is easy to just signup for and starts generating content to promote your personal brand as I am doing.

You do not have to go so far just analyze my blog and you will catch the spark or you can go for a quick search on google.

So in a nutshell.

You need your blog ready all the time.

Build a blog to tell your story – your story is unique.

As Seth Godin says (top marketer) we need you to tell your story.

We need you to lead us.

And this is all possible through your blog and online presence.

If you do not know about blogging – read my blog everything is available.

But if you have a blog and want to push your blog to the next level then read my book.


How to be a succesful blogger

YES – I Need It – Click Here 


Pretty easy – Which I have only wrote for my blog reader.

Because I do not tease my reader with any third-party ads.

And it’s a win-win situation for both of us.

 A blog is a must either you build free or paid.

Your blog will open more doors.

This gets me to step 2.


#2: – Google

Google find my business you are lost in the world of digital ads. (Just joking).

As you know the second name for Google or the first name – whatever you love.

Have you ever google your name or business name?

If not try now.

On wordpress, you don’t need to manually submit your blog pages or post to google but if you want to crawl faster then you can use the search console.

Also, it’s important to write your public details on your blog homepage or about page and then ask Google to manually crawl.

You can verify your blog with a search console by using the above method.

Once you verified then the search console will guide you step by step to manually crawl your pages.

This is not a hard job also it’s free if you use

What a google will know after some days about you when you complete the process.

  • Your name 
  • Profession
  • Photo
  • Location if you allow.
  • Especially your story.

It’s better to register the domain on your name because it will be easier to rank higher.

If someone googles you.

Still not convinced then read this google guide also the screenshot for a quick overview.

Google quick over view.


#3:- Social Media 

Aha – Everyone knows about this but no one is doing it the right way.

For freelancers and bloggers, only a few social sites are enough to handle ongoing reputation and activities.

  • Twitter (my Favorite)
  • LinkedIn for Professional Use
  • Facebook for Freinds and family

These sites are enough.

But if you want to dig deeper only via Twitter you can drive thousands of traffic every month.

But as you know it needs a little hard work.

On all social sites paste a professional photo.

Write the same sentences for each profile.

Keep sharing and engaging with people on all sites.

Be active everywhere.

To manage your social profile at once read this post on my blog.

 Try out new things every week to keep your followers engaging.

Sometimes just say “Hi – Share your latest post with me” because I am in the Reading mode.

And you will get many activities on your post.



Through Social media – Search Engine – Or Via your blog keeps promoting yourself with fresh, unique, quality content every day.

And it just takes a few days of consistency to keeps the ball moving.

Also, read other people’s posts and encourage them.

Build a community of the same tasters. 

Thanks if you any questions feel free to ask.


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