How to Craft Headlines that Attracts Readers?

Do you want more people to click through your title and land on the new blog posts that you just wrote after putting in lots of hard work and effort?

If – yes  – Well.

There are steps to follow and make more juice of your crafts.

No matter how hard and long you spend your time writing a blog post.

But if the headline misses some key elements then it will be hard to get enough traffic on the new blog posts.

In this post, we will go through some steps to help you get more traffic on your new blog posts.

Let’s begin.


Step 1:- Curiosity

Curiosity is something that people want to know and they subconsciously look for that information. it can be a

  • Topic
  • Problem
  • History
  • Trends
  • Story
  • Etc

As a blogger, you do not have to go out of your topic.

But in the circle of your niche, you must find out – what people are really curious to know in your niche.

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It depends on your audiences and on your niche. You can craft a more attractive headline if you dive into the curiosity.

So the big question arises here is “how to know?” So the simple way is to ask your audiences by running polls with multiple options.

Send emails or use any other tool that suits you to know what they really want to read on your blog.

But if you are new and don’t have enough followers or it seems hard to do then you can just analyze your topic and can still find some hot headlines that your topic audiences will love to know.


Step 2:- Quora

Click here to visit Quora and login – if you don’t have an account sign up with your Google account and once you land on the home page.

On the top right corner – type your blog topic keywords in the search bar.

For me, it’s blogging.

how to get more traffic from quora

These are some popular questions which people ask and they are curious about to know.

Write some good blog posts on these topics and craft good headlines that will create curiosity in the mind of your readers.

Also, Keep in mind that only 20 out of 100 people will click through your headline and it still the best result.

The more you know your site visitors the more you will craft catchy headlines.


Step 3:- Types of Headlines

There are many types of headlines but we will talk about a popular headline type that works the best.

how to be succesful blogger - headlines
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As you can see that number type headlines attract the most visitors and then the others.

But keep in mind you don’t have to craft number headlines for every new blog post.

A pro tip here is to only craft a number headline for your best blog post.

Also, keep trying on the other type of headlines maybe the other type work best for you.

As a blogger, you must be busy with A/B testing.



Most of the results depend on the headlines of your blog post. so craft it in a way that suits your readers and blog.

Also, you can change your headlines while sharing in the social feeds.

Analyze your blog to find out which type of headline is getting more traffic.



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