How to Crush Writer’s Block Even If You Have Bundle Of Reasons

The losers in the blogging war of ideas are those who are facing the writer’s blocks.

Writer’s blocks are the blocks in which the writers lose their ability to create work for years. – “Not my words”.

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It is Horrible it can destroy your blogging journey or writing career at all if you do not take it seriously to cure it.

Sometimes writing blocks are not as serious as it rounds in the head of a writer, Maybe it needs a few efforts to solve.

There are many reasons why someone is facing writing block.

Before you put yourself in efforts to defeat the writing blocks, you must understand your writing block.

Obviously, it will take some time to figure out – why you are facing this shit?

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Before we dig deeper into the solution, it is important to understand some common reasons, maybe it sparks a solution for you.

I just analyzed and found on the Google trends that people search for writer’s block in the first and last months of the year.

It means people face writing blocks in the month of December, January, February.

Build a succesful Blog - Writers block statistics on google trends

If you look even deeper at the graph you will find only the last and first months of the previous few years “high in searches”. 

Once again look at the middle months of the years, It’s low in search for “writer’s Block. (Both ends of the blue line represents the month of July).


Because the new year revolution inspires people to finish writing books or start writing a book, blog, etc.

After a month they get stuck why? I do not know their reasons, but I have a better example, story, reason of mine for it.

I wrote, many blog posts on my blogs and then I got stuck.

I was so horrible because of this I deleted my three blogs with some contents.

I was thinking, Writing is a hard job to do, something like hiking mountains in sleepers.

As much as I was trying to push myself forward, Writing blocks were there to bounce me back.

But when I looked back to some of my written blog posts, I thought it is something else writing is not as hard as I think.

So I tried to get into writer’s block to crush it before it crushes me more in any way.

After a long run and trying many ways.

I found that before blogging. blog writing was neither my career nor my expertise area.

I was a total stranger to blog writing.

And neither I had ever thought in my life about writing or tried to write my thoughts.

Somewhere on the internet, I read about blogging benefits and huge numbers of money next to it.

Then I jumped on it and grabbed a blog with and started writing.

So it means it was just the force of emotions for money, and as it swiped out of my head.

Mr. Writing Block was there to welcome me.

That’s why I became a victim of writing blocks.

Because there was no push thought in my head to force me to write, neither no routine for it nor a push of career.

So I lost because I was just after money as a loser.

That was the reason for my writing blocks.

But in the meantime, fortunately, I was familiar with human mind neurons patterns.

So I thought, why not to make the patterns of writing stronger in my mind.

Sound Crazy!

Obviously, the translation of stronger patterns in the human mind is a habit.

Tada! you got me.

So then I started learning about habits and human minds. And I cleared my writing blocks so carefully.

I took the time to go through the ins and outs of these so-called writing blocks. I will discuss later, how to do it.

For better comprehension, I want to discuss the more writing blocks reason first.

Now the number one reason for your writing block’s can be the same as mine.                                         

1) You are facing writing blocks because you have no writing background.

You are just claiming writing blocks, Which is easy to solve, do not worry.

2) if you are an experienced blogger, Writer. And still facing the writing block. The reason can be, you didn’t track your writing time, habit, daily routine.

So it is time for you to go a step back and monitor the writing habits and keep a close eye on your routine.

3) You are not reading I bet, if someone reads for a month regularly, he/she will be a writer in the next month. why?

Because of the natural force in his/her mind.

The more neuron will be firing in the reader’s mind and would be receiving lots of thoughts to the conscious mind.

He/she will naturally feel to save the rounding thoughts in his/her mind.

Obviously, we know saving thoughts in written form called writing.

If you think it is your case go ahead and start reading.

It was not my case because I can’t sleep without reading and feel guilty when skip writing.

4) You do not know your flow time when you write exactly that time your thought does not flow as you expect.

You do not write, whenever your thoughts flow like wildfire.

It’s simple, catch the flow.

5) The mind does not Like strangers if you are new in the writing world you have to stick with me to introduce you to Mr. writing.

6) We want things to come to our comfort zone. We hate to get out of our comfort zone.

You have tried writing, but still facing writing blocks and some thoughts popping in your head to give up or you just simply think, it does not work for me.

You need to be committed, No matter what – you must stick to your writing journey and do not skip practice.

7) You do not have a strong writing technique to follow when writing. And you just using traditional techniques and techniques of others.

I have a simple technique. I will discuss in this post.

8) You have writing technique, but you are not sure about the step by step process of writing.

9) when we see, that we are doing best then we try to do more, it is overconfidence, sooner or later we get shocked by writing blocks.

Avoid overloading your mind.

10) You just need a simple break.

11) You can’t run with your thoughts, it means your thoughts flow faster than your handwriting or typing speed.

12) Others sites notification, do not let you dive into the thoughts rounding in your heads.

13) Sometimes a simple confusion is trying to keep you away from writing.

There are bundles of reason

  • you are facing fear

  • lack of confidence

  • health issues

  • The death of someone special person

  • you just recently fall in love with someone

  • Etc

Some are complex and some are simple, but both sides of the coins need the right time perfect solution.

For a better result, you need to understand your writing block and the solution will come itself.

Albert Einstein used to spend 92% of the time on determining the problem to ask the right question and get the right answer.

Build a Succesful Blog - Einstine

He was confidently believed that he will answer the right question in the rest of 8% of the time.

Build A Successful Blog -- “The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand-” Captain Jack Sparrow

If you are still not sure, what is your reason for writing blocks, stick with me and also keep reading others materials, maybe you find your spark.

Keep in mind, I am not going to tell you that I have a magic wand that will crush your writing blocks in seconds forever.

The tools and strategies, I share in this post worked for me, and my blog is proof of it.

If you look at my blog, you will notice that I have published some recent posts in a shorts time period.

But when you scroll down, you will see that I have published some posts after 2, 3, months.

Forget whatever the reason you are facing, Let’s Get started from scratch to build a strong writing habit


The power of habit

Build a Succesful Blog - Quote - Aristotle

I love this book “The Power Of Habit“. This book has so many real stories, which promise the power of habit always works.

This book is BEST for those who want to build positive habits and change bad with a good one. the main point of this book is ” how habit Works”.

It is better to read the book. or listen to the whole book in an audio version on youtube.

Here, I am going to focus on building a strong writing habit from scratch.

The below steps of habit building will make you familiar with writing, And will also expand the boundaries of your comfort zone To circle in writing.

By practicing these steps regularly, I bet, you will experience a bad mood, whenever you skip writing.

For now, Step for you to take if you do not have time to read the complete book “The power of habit”  then watch this video.


Step#1:) Applying The Power Of Imagination

Now it is the TIME-to-trick your mind.

It is simple and Powerful. Yes, I mean it!

Human minds cannot distinguish real from imaginary.

Researchers asked three groups of peoples to

  1. Play piano notes in real
  2. Imagine, playing piano notes
  3. None

for five days.

They found the same result for the first two groups.


It is simple to employ it, to crush your writing blocks. Just imagine! – you got me.

As Bob says

bob imaniantion qoutes

Let’s Get Started with imagination for writing.

Find a comfortable, silent place to set or a place where you read and write.

Avoid distraction, it is a one minute process but no distraction allowed.

Now set as you meditate, close your eyes, count down from 10 to 1 with deep inhaling and exhaling.

Build a Succesful Blog - Meditation kids

Now imagine that you are sitting in a place of your dream with a special person of your life and you are writing your blog post, novel, etc.

Make the place as much beautiful as you can.

Feel your emotions.

Imagine what type of dress you are wearing even color.

To make the imagination, even more, stronger.

Feel the five senses.

  • What is the taste in your mouth?
  • Smelling?
  • Hearing natural sounds?
  • etc

Try to create a perfect moment in this one minute.

In this perfect moment, you are just writing using a laptop or a pen and papers, etc. but choose one favorite tool of writing to be specific.

Continue the imagination for 1 minute.

As you do daily practice, increase the imagination time 1-minute per day. (As time goes you will naturally feel to spend more time on writing).

And do not give up, until you establish a strong writing habit.

Another bonus tip here is after establishing a writing habit you can use your imagination habit for another habit you want to build.

So it means do not give up imagination practice but keep using it for other habits or just for

  • Relaxing your mind.
  • For designing your future.
  • Sometimes fly in the sky in your imagination

Do not forget to practice daily.

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Step#2:) Write Positive Affirmation

Writing something or your goals, again and again, build strong networks of patterns in your mind.

Build a Succesful Blog - Hard wird Brain

The idea of writing things down works best in achieving goals, but here we will practice positive affirmation about writing habits.

Writing positive affirmation will send strong electrical signals into your mind through your hand, and your subconscious mind will help you to see the opportunities around you.

These signals will communicate with each cell, bone, in your body.

Every part of your body has its own consciousness or its own soul.

All we need to build networks of patterns of writing in your mind.

The more you practice writing positive affirmation the more you will notice the impact on your writing habit.

Practicing positive phrases in different ways is a boost for your habit and goals.

The study was conducted by the professor of psychology at Dominican University of California Sir, Gail Matthews.

She revealed that people who had written goals on paper had been 42% more likely to reach them.

But here we are mixing the tips.

Step for you to take.

Write below positive phrases, once a day, in the beginning, later you can practice multi-times a day and can also rewrite the Phrases in your style.

  • I am a top best writer
  • I love to read and write all the time
  • I love and enjoy writing 1k words daily

Simple as that and need daily practice.

Practice daily one minute and do not give up until you build a strong writing habit.


Step#3) Speak the Phrases Loud

Now it is time to speak the phrases loud to make more impact.

  • I am a top best writer
  • I love to read and write all the time
  • I love and enjoy writing 1k words daily

when you speak aloud the affirmations, you are engaging your ears, tongue, and your conscious mind, so it means you are putting more effort into the writing habits.

you can repeat while walking, in the shower, waiting for someone, or in lines.

Just repeat do not listen to your left mind.

After some days you will notice that this is a breakthrough.


Step #4) Recode the Phrases

Recode the affirmation in your mobile phone in your voice.

Listen to it whenever you do something else

If you do not put the complete attention, no problem keep doing other things and just let it play.

One minute is enough.

These four tasks will take you only 4 four minutes, later increase the time and effort.


Step#5) Write for Just 1 minute

Let your mind know you are going to write only for one minute.

When you feel comfortable with 1 minute, then try to grow.

Do not expand your writing time quickly, be patience, and expanding one minute daily is enough.


Step#6) Writing Technique

Now it is time to pick a writing technique and make the process of writing easier.

The traditional technique works for some but not for all.

The easy technique is your own.

Let the other technique works for others.

The four steps of writing technique

  • Madman
  • Architect
  • Carpenter
  • Judge

You sparked by something and you want to write about it.

1:) Madman

Start with the mindmap, collects all the major thoughts you have in your mind on a paper or use

Build a Succesful Blog - Mind map

After completing mind mapping, Start writing from the interesting point which brought you here.

And let the mad man thoughts flow as hellfire from page to page.

Do not judge anything, Just Put the thoughts on paper. even do not care about spelling, grammar, etc.

2:) Architect

You did madman job, Now be an architect, You still do not have the right to hurt madman. I mean to edit anything.

Your job as an architect is to draw some lines and give shape to the whole documents.

Outline all the topics and points in a pattern that will form an argument.


#3:) Carpenter

In the third step, All you have to do to correct the sentence structures straight to the arguments.

If any of the sentences is not adding any value to the argument. “Cut it without any mercy”, it is hard that’s why writers call it “Kill your Darling.”

Clear and short sentences are more impactful.

If you see a long sentence and hard to understand, try to make pieces of it or rewrite it.

But do not touch the grammar or spelling.

#4 Judge

The enemy of madman writing, Nowadays the best judge is Grammarly.

It saves you a lot of time. it helps you correct the following errors, FREE.

Build a Succesful Blog - Grammarly

Once you polish your whole document, once again let the judge decide what to remain in the document, what to cut and what to add.



Build a Succesful blog - Quotes

Writing is not a hard task when no confusion is there.

It requires a simple step by step process.

You need to catch the whole flow of your writing process and practice it as much as possible.

Build a strong writing habit and pick your own technique.

Practice daily and try to make the writing process easy.

Read the post once again and start practice.

Let me know your reason on earth, stopping you from writing?


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24 thoughts on “How to Crush Writer’s Block Even If You Have Bundle Of Reasons”

  1. Hi Laiq,
    Fab post bro! Loved all the tips. Bob Proctor is right; visualizing does wonders for dissolving any mental block aka fear. Thanks much 🙂

  2. Most thorough and broad commentary on the subject I’ve probably ever read. I do single frame cartoons and most cartoonists face “the block” too. The sketch and the gag are easy but the ideas come in spurts and then dry spells. Most of the time I think something feeds my brain with ideas from outside myself.

    1. Thanks For Reading CARL, All You have to find by practicing that where and why you are facing it. No one can help but can only tell you what they have faced.

      I myself have found my weakness after a long time.

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