How to Fix ? – 5 Horrible Blogging Mistakes

When it comes to blogging it must be treated like a business. You have no option if you want to “Build a Successful Blog” from scratch and want to make money right away

In the beginning, we set tolerance that it’s okay to make mistakes but somehow we reach a stage where mistakes hurt us and we have to pay for that mistake.

So in this post, we will go through some of the major mistakes I see around.

While researching I have found well-ranked blog contents from many blogs but they are still making mistakes and no more bothering themselves to maintain consistency.

Let’s Begin.



If you look around on many bloggers’ blogs you will find that they are extremely lazy and procrastinating.

It’s a farthing for them to generate content and stick to consistency.

They even don’t bother themselves to look for a design to give it a good appearance for free.

The main point here is blogging is a real business and it has been proved and people are making millions with it.

If you treat it as a business it will payback.

And we don’t want lazy bloggers to stay right there on their couch and do nothing.

But “We need them to lead us” with their inspiring ideas and great work. As Seth goddin says.

Build a Succesful Blog - seth goddin

Once you started to treat it as a business then you will come to know that what a horrible mistake you were making.

Also, I am not that clean ” I have made the same mistake”.



If you ask 100 bloggers “what is the one effective thing in blogging?” they will all return with the same answer consistency.

As bill Gates Says –

Consistency is the key.

If you ask me how consistency helped You.

I will definitely say “It’s helped me to see the mistake I was making and give me the best version of myself as a blogger.

In my case I don’t care about traffic – money to earn from my blog – etc.

I do not need the rewards from my blog – But I am trying to show people “How one can achieve the goals that I struggle for years” I mean it – for years.


One Platform Or Every Where

Most of the bloggers will tend to be everywhere and shoot their content everywhere several times a day.

Which only annoys people in their feeds.

And on the flip side of the coin, you will notice that many of the bloggers are stuck in one platform and they will never want to go out and build their online presence.

And the one platform they are digging for the gold is empty.



Ohhh my goodness  (My Favorite Words Learned from someone special)

Common Mistakes blogger amke readers

Many Spammers around think that someone crazy will get pitched in their calculation of money and will through some bucks towards them.

But it never happens that way.

You have to be a blogger first – help people first – show results – and recommend some tools and strategies that will really make someone’s work or life better.

Only ask one question in mind when you see someone selling something.

Why this person bothering himself to tell me to succeed instead of using his products – services, etc for himself.

If you spy for a little and the person is really using that offer for himself and daily you see that he is getting better and better results.

Then it means you are at the right place.

If on the dark side you find that this person is only blindly promoting his offer and getting no rewards for himself then run – run – run and run.


Target – Clearence

How to be a succesful blogger

At this point many of the bloggers are not sure – Why they have made themselves thick and thin to blog.

Most of the bloggers like me just want to blog passionately and want to be busy with the same tasters and never expect any rewards from their efforts.

Most of the bloggers you will find have some real products and they are promoting those products and expect ROI from blogging efforts.

If they don’t have their own products or services they recommend real things that they are actually using.

A blogger must be clear at this point and it is the first step.



Don’t be a horrible mistaker everything is crystal clear and simple – don’t make it complex for your own self and for others.

Take it seriously – and it’s a shame to play follow and unfollowlike and likesupport and support GAME.

That will get you nowhere. Become a solver of at least one problem and start helping others and then see your results.


How to be a succesful Blogger







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