How to Get Approved by Google Adsense? Beginners

Nowadays Google AdSense is making its Terms and conditions much more strict for publishers, so many people get disapproved by them.

Many bloggers also leave blogging because they didn’t get approval from Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is one of the best ad networks available on the Internet and also it pays much more than many ad networks.

So, here in this article, we’ll focus on the things which you have to do to get approval from Google AdSense for your blog. Steps to follow:-


Read Privacy Policy & TOS:

When we are talking about Google AdSense then it comes first. You have to first read the Privacy Policy and TOS (Terms and conditions) carefully so you can be sure that you are not violating any rules of Google. Many peoples didn’t read these and even after getting approval, they lost their account due to violation of rules. It is one of the important tasks to check these on a weekly basis because they can change anytime. You can read Privacy Policy.


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Copyrighted Contents:

Don’t copy any content from any other website, because Google is strictly against plagiarism. Also always remember that images available on Google Image search are property of any other website owner so if you use those images without permission then again that will be counted as copied content. Many peoples did this mistake, even I was doing it when I was new to blogging.

Also, I saw many peoples copy codes of tools, widgets,s, etc., and share that without any permission, so these also count as copied content, however, there are some codes that can be shared without any permission. Images, articles, codes, etc. can be copyrighted so before posting these of anyone take permission from its owner or from where you found it.

Another thing I saw is many peoples copy the whole article of people and give credit and think now they will not get any problem, while it is also counted as a violation of copyright until you get permission from the actual owner.


Content and Quality:

You have to write a good amount of articles, like nearly 35+ and then you may apply for Google AdSense. Also try to post contents that cannot be found on any other blog or website, like what I was doing to get my site approved. Otherwise, you may get a reply as ‘Site does not comply with Google policies.

Also, try to write at least 300+ words of articles and also do daily posting to make sure that your blog is alive, otherwise, they may think that you have created your blog only because to get a Google AdSense account.


Site age:

As of Google AdSense policies, sites from countries such as India, China, Pakistan, etc. have to wait till their site gets 6 months old, not domain.

However some sites get approval before that time, if they have a good blog and good content, my blog Tricky Techs were also got approval within 35 days.

So, this is not correct that everyone has to wait 6 months, you simply need to create high-quality content, as it is most important.

Also, I recommend that you didn’t blog to get approval from Google AdSense, instead of doing blogging to get your blog into a success.


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Don’t post out of blog-niche articles:

Yes, if you do out of blog-niche posting then you can’t get approval because it is important for the AdSense crawlers and approval team to understand what your blog is about. If they found multi-niche articles on the same blog then they can’t display relevant ads so simply, your application will be rejected. Also, even after getting approval, it is not a good idea to post out of niche articles because that will lower your earnings a lot.


No illegal content:

I know many of you already know this but this is for those who don’t know about it. Using or sharing any illegal content on your site result as a disapproval message, so simply don’t use any because they may permanently ban your site or email too. Even if you are Blogger then you may also lose your whole blog for violating Blogger TOS.



It is not much important much a little, because crawlers have to get notified that the site is using Google AdSense ad code and after it, they can continue the process. And also I think you may need at least 80+ daily page views to get approval, and it is not a big requirement. Also, if you didn’t get much traffic then you can’t also earn much money, so applying after getting a good number of visits is a good idea.


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