How to Get More Traffic on Your Blog? Quick Tips

Traffic means like-minded people who serve the same idea and look for the same words to read on your blog.

On your blog either you are teaching that idea or you just share your thoughts and resources.

However, you need them to participate in your blog and stay engage with you.

So in this post, I will share some quick tips to help you get those people on your blog.

Let’s Begin.


Re – Analyze

Before you get into another strategy and start working hard for that – Reconsider your existing strategy.

Have a deep look at your analytics on

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Basis. Also, have a look at the refers channels. on your most view day figure what kind of post you have written that had gotten most of the visitors.

A little change may work best for you.


Search Console

Have a quick look at your search console data and find which keywords and pages are getting more

  • Impression
  • Clicks
  • Views

If you have not set up and verified your blog with a search console you can do so here.

Once you find the keywords and pages now you have two option

Repurpose/update that page with tons of quality content to go higher in rank.



How to be a succesful blogger

If you don’t leverage quora for your blog traffic you are leaving money on the table for no one.

Rush to quora and start answering people’s questions.

To get more traffic from Quora and want to use a secret way to learn here.


Social Media

You don’t have to hassle a lot on social networks – just keep your feeds updated and share your best content daily.

Use for publishing 10 times a day for free.

You can learn here.

share one post to 4 social networks



Keep yourself busy with A/B testing and collect tactics that work for you.

Keep in mind – 80 – 20 rule – you will get most of the result from your 20 percent efforts.


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