How to Get Ride Of Negative Thoughts

Sometimes negative thoughts drive you crazy, in fact, nothing happens and not happened yet but you just want to hit the wall and you are going crazy.

Human mind process 48.6 thoughts per minute and daily 80% of them are negative.


On the flip side, the solution is really easy and simple you have the ability to get rid of it without heavy lifting in a very short time.

it‘s simple, I love to do it whenever negative thought popup.

Let’s begin!

Step#1:) Catch it On The Spot

Your mind has the ability and power to clean, wash up the negative thoughts which are useless and you do not want to think about it.

Whenever whatever thought pops up in your brain and going to tease you in any way.

Do not ignore and catch it on the spot, do not give up until you complete the below process.

Close your eyes! if you do not feel comfortable to close eyes or you might be in a public place.

It does not matter to close eyes or not,  but it is better to close for better concentration.

As you caught a negative thought just say silently or loudly this phrase “ I allow my mind to delete this negative thought from my mind forever” say once or twice.

After some days of practice, you can make the phrase, even more, shorter  “I delete this thought from my mind” and do not try to recall the thought.

It works or not, practice will show it, it should be your favorite habit as I have.  It works faster than you think.

If a specific thought is old enough and coming from time to time to your mind and teasing you, then apply these two more tips.

As negative thought pop up Catch it and say this phrase right away “ I allow my mind to uninstall this thought from my mind forever”.

Another Phrase Goes like this “ I allow my mind to release this negative thought from my mind forever”

If randoms thoughts are driving you crazy then you can practice this phrase

 “ I allow my mind to

  • Delete
  • Uninstall
  • release

All the negative thoughts from my mind forever” practice separately or all at once it’s up to you.

After practice, say it “ All the negative thoughts have been deleted” and you are proud of it.

Step # 2:) Wash all Negative Thoughts with Bright Light 

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This powerful step is different and a little bit longer and required a focus with closed eyes.

Just Set relax and if time allows you to countdown from 10 to 1 then count with closed eyes.

As you begin to count down from 10 to 1, with each number try to relax your body parts from head to feet one by one.

As you get full relaxation.

Imagine a “bright light” around you in 10 to 30 feet.

As you imagine put this bright light on your head.

Imagine that this “bright light” is here to wash your all negative thoughts from your mind.

This “bright light” is going from head to your feet, and as it going down, it is washing your negative thoughts or targeted specific thought patterns.

Complete the first round and put even more “bright light” around you and repeat from head to feet three times.

Now put even more “bright light” around you.

Imagine this light is starting from feet and coming to your head and cleaning the negative thoughts and all other negative thoughts connected to it.

Complete the rounds and then set relax for a minute and then start counting from 1 to 10 and open the eyes.

You have done it. Do not try to recall.

Do not forget taking deep inhaling and exhaling in these six rounds, 3 from head to feet and three from feet to head.

To make the process even stronger apply this tip too.

After putting bright light around you and on your body.

Try to remember where did you got these negative thoughts or a thought, I mean to find the root.

It might be you got from

  • An event

  • A friend

  • A conversation
  • From family background

  • From family members

  • In your childhood

You have to try it.

Once you caught the negative thought root.

Now wash it with the bright light.

In your first round clean up the root.

In the second round wash up your negative thought.

In the 3rd round wash all the negative thoughts from your mind and take time to assure your self and say this

“All the negative thoughts have been deleted”.

Count up 1 to 10 and open your eyes.

If you do not feel comfortable with the first time practice do not worry practice will make it perfect and I am sure you will find it helpful.


The mind thinks 24/7 we cannot stop our mind to not think and be clear.

We are human and lots of thoughts come to mind some are negative thought and some are positive but it’s not a problem and neither a negative thought can affect you but you should get rid of it.

If we can attract and can think negative thoughts, so it means we have the ability to get rid of it with a simple strategy.

Make this tips habit and enjoy a positive life.

I’d love to hear from you if you have any good tips which can help us.

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