How To Grow Your Blog Faster?

Writing a Compelling blog and shooting it in the center of the right audeinces is the real challenge that most bloggers face nowadays.

  •  Clarify Your Niche
  •  Find Trends In Topics
  •  Write Compelling Contents
  • Promote

The good news is it’s not rocket science, it’s possible by following a few steps and smart work.

So in this question, we will analyze some of the above ways that will help you grow faster.

Niche Clarification

The harder you push the harder it bounces. Am I right? How?
When you miss your first direction in blogging your blog stuck right there.

The Biggest problem you will face is that you will get no direction. I mean not a single Clue.

If you search on google you will see the big blogs have already ranked and it’s hard to rank in popular topics.

But it doesn’t mean that we should not blog about that topic anyway.

So what you can do in this situation is to narrow down your niche and start ranking for long-tail keywords.

how to be a successful blogger

As you go down you will see that competition is decreasing and your chances are increasing.

Start with long-tail keywords and step by step grow to the main keyword.

Find Trends In Topic

There is no good site other than quora which gets you to the center of your audeinces even in micro niches.

Spend time with them and collect info that will help you write compelling content. You can also use

  • Buzzsumo
  • Google Trends
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Etc

A secret and easy way to this Amazon Books Reviews.

Write Compelling Content

Content that creates curiosity when a reader sees your compelling headlines he/ she says wow it’s for me and they will click through it.

For writing compelling content you must know your audience’s content choice.

In the first, you will have no audeinces and it’s hard to find their choices – but still, there is a way.

A/B Testing – Write short and long forms contents both share and track the results.

What type of content is getting most of the traffic?

Also, try some other strategies like running multiple options polls.

So once you know the taste of your audeinces you will have a good idea to write compelling content.


Don’t hesitate to promote your content regularly 24/7

  • Employ Social media
  • Pitch Long Tail Keywords from Search Console.
  • Answers People on Quora
  • Add sharing buttons to your blog posts
  • Create infographics.

Also, Repurpose your content on medium – LinkedIn – etc.

Most of the bloggers write only one post per week and then spend the rest of the time promoting it.


The more efforts you put into your blogging journey the more it will grow faster.

Catch some of your blog growth hack techniques that you can get by analyzing your blog data.

There must be a breakthrough that will help you grow faster and easier.


If you have any questions Feel free to ask in the comment section.


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