How to Impress Readers on your Blog? 15 things to consider

Build a Succesful Blog

1. User-Friendly Blog Design

Great content does it every time but great content on a mediocre site background has no appeal. If your blog is less-than-amazing, prospective readers will look elsewhere even if you post great titles. Search for some unique themes and apply great-looking templates for your content. Make sure your blog has excellent navigation as well.


2.    A Unique Experience

A new blog is created every second. So what do you offer that’s unique, something that no one else is offering? Are your posts original, your design fabulous, are your templates and themes unique? Take a look at very popular blogs and see how you can offer the most unique experience you can.


3.    Great Content

Post creative, interesting, and thought-provoking articles. Don’t insult your audience by posting content that’s full of errors, or rambles on, or does not cover the topic adequately, or has broken sentences. Break up your paragraphs, use headings and sub-headings, highlight important words and sentences, use bullet points and quote blocks to make content easy to skim.


4.    Connection With Readers

Connect with your readers via comments; ask for their opinions, respond to their comments and start conversations. Make it a point to respond to every comment with a personal and meaningful note. The idea is to become good friends with the comment poster.


5.    Easy Subscription Options

Do you want to create repeat visitors? Provide both RSS and email subscription options through large subscription icons at the top of every page and at the end of each post. When a new reader posts a comment, send an email thanking them and provide a link to your RSS and email subscription options.


6.    Core Niche

When you stick to a core niche, your readers will know what to expect from you. Stick to a core theme, for example, travel. Don’t mix up a plethora of subjects into a single blog; this confuses readers.


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7.    Emotional Appeal

Human beings are emotional creatures. Everything that a person does is connected to an emotional need. Blog readers look for amusement, entertainment, knowledge, and inspiration. Make your blog interesting, a little humorous, and creative, and emotionally appealing to all audiences.

A cool, trendy blog that allows readers to participate in discussions, opinion polls, and forums usually gets a lot of traffic. Create a buzz and do something to catch your readers’ interest. Introduce new topics, talk about something deliciously controversial, put up contests and allow people to join in. Offer gifts to winners; your blog will attract a lot of attention.


8.    Frequent Updates

Don’t let your blog go to sleep. Not only will you lose your reader base, but you’ll build a negative reputation. Update your blog at least 3 times a week, if not daily. Don’t overdo it; don’t update your blog 20 times a day – you’ll look desperate and lose your subscribers.


9.    Helpful Attitude

Readers look for bloggers who are helpful. Know that your reader is your blog’s backbone. If a reader wants to discuss a problem, be open to listening to it. If another blogger wants to start a blog in the same niche, help them achieve success.


10.    Dynamism And Passion

Demonstrate a passion for your chosen niche. Allow your posts, your comments, and your entire attitude to breathe your passion. Let your readers know that you care about what you write. When you’re passionate about your blog, your dynamism will flow. People will see that you’re always ready to learn new things and flow with the change.


11.    Personality

Get personal with your readers. Let your readers know that there’s a living, breathing, thinking, and caring person behind your blog. Allow your personality, your thoughts, likes, dislikes, and opinions to filter into your blog, with respect. Readers know that nobody is perfect and this makes it easier for them to connect with imperfect but sincere personalities.


12.    Consistency

When you’re consistent, your readers will know what to expect and when. They won’t have to waste time checking your blog for updates at random. Set up a posting schedule, respond to comments regularly, and demonstrate your consistent attitude. Your readers will appreciate it.


13.    Trust And Authority

When you blog on different topics, your readers will come to assume over time that you know a thing or two about these topics. They will come to see you as a trusted source or authority. Lack of confidence, self-esteem, or lack of knowledge in your niche area will soon be noticed and the trust factor will be compromised.


14.    Learning Potential

Your readers visit your blog for a very important reason: to learn something new. Your ability to provide valuable knowledge and information to your reader community makes your reader come back to you time and again. The internet is a valuable source of information and it’s mostly because of blogs. Make your blog a major learning destination for readers.


15.    Inspiration

As a person, you’re unique and original. So why should your blog be any less?  Don’t compare your blog with others. Capitalize on what’s uniquely you – your quirks, your funny bone, your passion. Make your blog original. When you infuse your blog with your dynamism, passion, dedication, personality, and originality, your blog will become an inspiration for your readers. When your readers are inspired, they will talk about your blog and your traffic will mount. Keep your readers inspired and motivated to reach the stars and you’re a success.

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