How to Improve Blog Rank on Google?

“Ranking higher in the search engines is required to boost the traffic of your blog. Ranking high in the search engine is not that easy these days. Most of the pro bloggers receive most of their traffic from search engines.”

Getting traffic from the search engines is not so easy it requires many tasks to rank higher in the search engines. So today we will talk about some of the techniques that you can use to improve your website visibility in google search.

So below are some tips on improving your website visibility in Google. Hope u all will like them.


1.Write Quality Articles

Writing quality articles on your website is very important to increase the website visibility in google search. If you are writing quality articles on your blog then you will surely be getting good website visibility on google. With good visibility, you will also get good traffic and a boost in your subscribers.

If you really want to improve the website visibility then you must write quality articles on your blog. Writing quality content will also give a boost to your Alexa Rank.


2.Create Authority Pr Backlinks

This is required if you really want to boost your website visibility. Backlinks work as a charm in getting good website visibility in google. If you build high-quality backlinks to your blog then you will surely get higher ranks in the google search. It will also increase your domain authority, page rank,  Moz rank, and more. I already have shared lists of do-follow blogs and forums for building backlinks.


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3.Social Media Exposure

You might be aware of how much social media exposure is needed for traffic to new blogs. But this is not only for traffic all the social media networks have highly optimized.

So if you will improve the exposure from social media to your site then you will also get good website visibility in the google search results.


4.Domain Age

The Domain age of your website also matters in getting high website visibility in the google search. Although domain age is not in your hands. So as time passes you will start seeing good results in google search.


5. Submit Sitemap In Google Webmaster Tools

Submitting a sitemap also helps in improving website visibility in google. You can easily submit a sitemap in google webmaster tools by clicking on the sitemap tab.


6.On-Page Seo

A Good page SEO is always required to rank higher in the search engines. On-page SEO consists of improving your title tags doing better internal linking adding categories breadcrumbs adding keywords and placing a good and relevant description is required for getting your blog posts indexed and rank higher in the search engines.

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