How to Increase Your Blog Views By 200%

When it comes to traffic – it means to put hard work really hard work to generate content on regular basis and get more traffic.

But it’s not happening overnight you have to be passionate first and write content that will

  • Guide
  • Solve Problems
  • Build trust
  • Entertain
  • etc

Yes, you really need compelling content on your blog around your niche.

For the last few weeks, I make myself thick and thin to generate content and I am getting good results.


How to be a succesful blogger

How I do that and planned my content to reach more people?

Learn in this post.


Series Posts

Build a Succesful Blog

It’s obvious that random posts don’t get more traffic.

Series posts attract lots of visitors and generate good results.

Every blog has a niche and topic but some bloggers go too broad on their topics and niche.

My blog is all about successful blogging and when I publish series posts it gets good results.

Series posts means related to each other.


How to be a succesful blogger

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For example – if your blog is all about clothing then write posts about different shirts in colors – brands – style, etc.

And don’t jump to pant or tie etc – keep publishing-related to shirts.

When someone reads a post about a shirt then he/she wants to know about the quality of the other shirts.

So that existing readers will visit your blog to read – share and buy.


Links to your existing contents

Build a Succesful BlogAs you come across some words while writing your posts that are related to your other blog posts.

Link them between each other and when in a series of posts or random posts you get some new visitors they will also, itch to read your previous post about that particular item.

This way one visitor will give you more views and shares.



There are more ways to get more traffic on your blog but I found the above techniques helpful. You can learn in this long-form blog post of 3700 words to get more traffic with proven strategies.

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