How To Jump Start Blogging in 2021?

As The new year arises Especially in the first 1 – 3  months people make tons of new plans – set goals and dreams to achieve in the running years.

But you know the facts – Only 1 percent achieve those dreams and the rest wait for the next inspiring event.

So if you are one of them and working on your dreams to “Build a Successful Blog in 2021.

Then let me tell you how to break the ice and stay on track.

Let’s get started.


Get Armed & Be clear

The first step is to be clear on your plans and blogging topics and niches.

Nothing can make you more confused than a messy plan.

If you come up with a clear plan and crystal clear strategies then you can boom.

Take your first step with enthusiasm and full of energy so to find yourself during work inspired.

Don’t let your emotion goes down and start feeling creepy.

Just like the first hour of your day if you remain active in the beginning you will go through it.



Once you are ready to boom – be clear about the tasks and set strict hours of work and juggle your routines that will help you to stay at the peak of your enthusiasm.

Work hard daily to somehow hit your target and make your target clear as much as possible too.

Never overwhelm by doing lots of things and things that you do not know very well.

If you lack knowledge or something else you must clear that first.

Write your tasks daily on paper and stay committed no matter what but you have to do your daily task.

how to start my blog with subdomain



As you have set your final goal to be achieved at the end of the year.

And working and planning your daily task,

In this scenario don’t forget to break your final goal into steps.

To come up with monthly plans that will look like a shiny milestone and will attract you to hit me.

If your day goes well your month will also push you to your final goal.

In my book, I have written about goals and breaking them down with interesting details.


Build your Personal Brand

Whatever final goal you have set and working on that but one thing I will add here to your goal is personal branding.

Achieving blogging goals and going through lots of hard work.

It is so important to build your brand on the journey.


Jump Start Your Blog

Thanks to the technology there is no hard work required nowadays to set up your blog and start generating content in different formats.

Everything is super easy everyone has a blog – some are using free and some using paid.

But it depends on your goals – if you want to go longer on the journey and want to earn on the way too and committed to going through some easy technical work then set up a self-hosted site.

If you are not planning the above and want to go easy on your journey then you can set up your blog with free or paid – it’s your choice.

I have written everything in detail if you want you can assure yourself here and here.



“Either you run the day or the day run you”

how to quickly start my blog

The same is true for the month and year.

Everything is ready to Build a Succesful Blog. 

The rest depends on your enthusiasm.


How to be a succesful Blogger

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