How to Make Money Through Successful Blogging

You may have heard phrases like

  • Money in the list
  • Earn while you sleep ZzZzZz
  • Work from home in your pajama
  • Grow a second income
  • Build a six-figure income
  • Make money blogging

And of course, “Live a Laptop Lifestyle” also on my blog.

These phrases attract you and pump your emotions and you jump to spend few hours to find a way and make income.

However, these phrases sometimes feel like a lie but if you dig deeper you will notice that these phrases are true.

It’s true and I know thousands of people on the web who are sipping the juice of these phrases.

To be honest no one tells you what it takes to make it works for you and what’s inside.

The secret is struggling a lot and working hard day and night.

Everything is possible if you are committed and can stay positive in the ups and downs of life and business.

Today I will go through some steps which will help you build a successful blog and through successful blogging you can make the above phrases true.

Let’s Get started.


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1:) – Platform

Build a Succesful Blog - platform

The first thing you will need to build a platform and it’s half of the work and then running your platform complete the journey.


Don’t waste time on other sites to build a free site. In this case, is your friend and easy to use.

I am using this site for the last few years, and it always runs smoothly. And in my recent post, I have written in detail about the free and paid platform.


Buy a domain and host your domain with a good company such as Also, you can get a free domain for one year.


Build a Succesful Blog - blue host free for one year domain


Which one to choose among free and paid – Read this post in detail on my blog


2:) – Passion Or Profitable  Niche

When People first start a blog they look for a profitable niche and forget their passion and so on the way they make a lot of mistakes.

In my book and on my blog or on other sites I always push people to start a blog of their’s passion.

About a topic that they have feelings about and love to practice – that passion can be anything you love.

I know some people on the web who love to raise chicken in the back yard and they are successfully blogging about that.

I have written in my book about them.

So all I want to put the idea in your mind to blog about your passion.

Basically – Blog is tool for your passion

it’s a daily task and on a daily basis you can only show up for your passion, not for anything else.

That’s why I have written this post so long and still want to add more details.


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3:) – Involve Social Media

Once you signed up for any paid or free platform now it’s time to add the wings and fly.

Involving social media and collecting emails is a wise decision from day one.

This effort helps you build a successful community and a successful community helps you build a successful blog.

In my previous post, I have gone through these all steps in detail to build a successful community around your blog.

One thing I want to mention here once again to avoid social site addictions. 


4:) – SEO

The biggest source of blogging traffic. When it comes to SEO you will have to stand for something and wisely choose the keywords which will attract people from search engines to your site.

Every new blog post you write must focus on one keyword. In this post, I am targeting “successful blogging” and I am trying to rank for it.

But my main keywords are to “Build a successful blog” and it is also my blog title.

By using this you must set up your keywords and then write content around that topic. So this is how you will work with SEO.

There are two major search engine

  1. Google
  2. Bing

If you are using you can easily set up your blog for both search engines.

Go to the wordpress setting and under the marketing tab click on traffic and follow the link instruction to connect your blog and search engine.


Build a Succesful Blog - search engine setup

Once you setup linking your site and SEO submit your sitemap and just in a few days you will start receiving data from search engines. Follow the insights and grow your blog step by step.  


5:) – Writing

Blogging is all about writing – Without the writing wheel, your blog will get nowhere and will never see amazing journeys ahead.

Master your writing technique along with your crafts and never feel a lack of ideas for writing.

If you know well your niche and you regularly research trending topics then you can win the game of blog writing.

In my story, I have spent 50% of the time only on writing and I still want to master my writing.

On the way of my blogging journey,, I have practiced so many techniques and have master one of them which I have written in detail here and in my book.

However, you don’t need only to write but also you have to write faster.

For more on writing with details follow the above link.  


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6:) – Monetization

The first part is to build a blog and 2nd to feed it with writing daily.

But when it comes to making money you have to monetize your blog. There are 2 ways long run and short.

As Seth goddin says the real shortcut is a long way.

Success is hidden in the long run. But first, let me tell you the short run. It is all about running ads on your blog.

Someone visits your blog and while surfing clicked on other people’s ads and you earn a few cents for that click.

Running ads on your blog made some cents but it hurt you in the back.

I never recommend ads to set up on your blog and earn a few cents.

Long Run

There are two ways in which I love to make money.

1:) Affiliate Marketing 

2:) Own Product, course, Or book like mine.

Yes – it is hard work to publish a course or a book but it always payback. So however after building a successful blog everyone wants to earn from their effort.

But keep in mind don’t go for quick ways because it payback only to get back to work.

I mean very little.

So if you don’t have the resources or skill to write your own book or build a course then only play in affiliate marketing.

If you recommend the right product at the right time to your audiences then they will trust you and will buy after your recommendation.

So for this, I only recommend you to join the Amazon Associate program.

Once you joined copy-paste some links with photos and run amazon ads and links on your blog.

Only promote related products to your audiences and let them know that you are earning from affiliate links.

Be honest with your audiences they are your friends.

In my book, I have focused on this side of blogging more and more and have aligned very effective ways to make a good income from your blog in no time.

Publish a Book

This part is not easy and takes time but if you struggle and go step by step you will achieve.

Master your crafts and a writing technique and every day write 2 to 5 pages in your book.

If you have no time try to get up early in the morning and write consistently.

I know so many writers who follow the early morning strategy to write books and blogs.

These two ways are super to earn an outstanding income from your blog.

The other ways are the waste of time in my view however I will write some other quick ways to earn money through a blog in the next posts.

But that will not be equal to your blogging efforts.  



Do the things and you will get the energy to do the things.

Do your best in each part of your blogging journey and show up every day either someone listens or not but you have to show up.

Setting up a blog is a one-time task but running a blog is a daily task and you should only blog about your passion and don’t make a popular mistake to look for a profitable niche.

Stay tuned I will write some more ways to earn money through your blog.


Let me know if you have any further questions or you know the best way to make income in the long run or any.

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