How to Manage Categories and Tags On Your Blog?

Managing your blog content is the best thing to impress your readers.

If your blog is not sorted in a way that clearly conveys your final message then it can’t make the first impression in the way that you need.

As you know that you will never get a second chance to make your first impression.

In my recent, post, I have written that how one can manage his blog content.

But in this post, we will only talk about tags and categories.




If you write on your blog about several topics like me then you will need to categorize your posts which will help your readers to explore your blog easily.

If you are using the platform or you have access to the reader through jetpack.

Then it’s really important to categories your post for further suggestions to your readers.

As you know when someone like, read or share your post the reader system also offers more suggestion of your blog from that category and tags.

For example, I write about

  • Blogging
  • Writing
  • Self-Esteem
  • etc

I have only 2 categories and when I publish I tick mark one or two categories.

If your new blog post consists of many different categories then you can tick mark more than two.

Before we discuss tags – categories can be used only for your blog content management.

It will not appear in the reader’s tag feeds.

How to set tags and categories on subdomain blog




The most important part of your blog is to get some eyeballs on your recently published post.

If you’re not using tags the correct way then your blog will get nowhere.

Because I have many quality posts which I have not tagged as an experiment and that blog posts do not get any like, visit, share, etc.

Because I have not tagged them or categorize them.

So the proper way is to only tag your new blog post in 15 tags and categories total or less but not above that.

If you add more than 15 tags plus categories then the post will not appear in the reader’s feeds.

In my case, I have two categories and 13 tags which I regularly use.

Sometimes if mistakenly I add 1 more tag then my post does not appear in the Reader feed tags.

So be careful with this.

As I publish I immediately check the tag for my post.

If it’s not there then I check everything twice and fix the error.

The most important point here is to only tag your post in related tags otherwise it will get nowhere.

It works the same way as other social network tags works.

A pro tip here is to check first the tag quality and traffic by visiting the tag actually.



As you know that the categories will help you to manage your content and the tags will attract some eyeballs.

Never – Overuse tags and categories keep everything simple for your readers to absorb the information and ideas that you share with them by doing hard work.


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