How to Stay Motivated in Blogging? Quick Tips

One of the things that ensure blogging is hard work.  It is important to remember that you have to keep motivated.  You read other successful bloggers and drool at the massive income they get and you think “Wow, that’s inspiring.

I’ve got to do the same!” and you feel that you have got the motivation to start a blog. But once you start blogging you have to maintain it.

Just like a race, blogging needs perseverance in order to get to the finish line. In the beginning, the athletes must take it easy.

They don’t give their full energy because they need to sustain their stamina during the whole course.

In blogging, you have to do the same. Don’t pour all your energy overnight because you might end up too exhausted by the following day.  Build your stamina to persevere to the end.

It is also important to never be tempted to fold your hand when blogging because laziness is always lurking at night and when it sees an opportunity it will tie up your hands without you realizing it.

Then when you finally come to your senses again, you will have wasted a lot of times and you can never get them back again.

So when you feel you are losing your motivation, don’t give in. Finally, let me wrap up this post with one of my best favorite quotes of all time, Don’t Quit.



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