How To Organize Content on Your Blog That’s Pay Back?

Do you want more pageviews on your blog?

If you are getting low visitors or you just want to double your page views then bear with me.

In this post, I am going to show you the exact ways to sort your blog contents that will keep your blog visitors interesting.

So they can move page to page and send good signals to Search engines that the blog is engaging.

So let’s Get Started.


1: – What is the 80 – 20 Rule?

It means you will get the best results only from 20% contents out of 100.

Your whole blog content will not perform the same when you publish or hanged on your blog page.

Many of the contents produce good results and some remain in between.

Most of your content will get zero results.

It also depends on the time and many other circumstances.


2: – Write and Plan

Before we go further let’s clear this point. before you write more you must have a look at your blog’s existing contents.

Assure that you have all the content that your niche required.

Do you have content for

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Experts

Do you have contents that tell your readers how to do a specific thing step by step?

As your blog is capable to show someone to go from start to finish?

Also, If you are running a fitness blog – Do you have content that will tell a beginner, how to exercise at

  • home
  • office
  • outdoor
  • etc?

It can be a tough process to plan and write but you need it.

Get a huge paper and start filling the gap of your blog.

First, only write titles and sort them in a way that will keep a reader jumping from page to page.

As you come up with a plan then do not hesitate to write and publish.


3: – Pillar Contents

Now at this point, you may know the type of content on your blog that runs your whole blog.

if you don’t get into analytics and collect all the contents that People read.

For more pageviews take the below actions.

  1. Go to your blog admin posts page and make your best performer posts STICKY on your blog page.
  2. Also, add a widget on your blog sidebar that shows your best posts

This is simple and easy and you can keep an eye on the analytics to measure the performance.


4: – Support Contents

As you are on the track now you must fill the gaps.

For your pillar content, you need support content.

In the first step, you analyzed your blog now analyze your contents one by one and find the

  • Questions
  • How to steps
  • Updates for Insight
  • Recent trends

What missing in your contents. There must be some questions that your readers are still curious to know.

As you come up with some gaps titles then write and publish them between your contents.

Old content should be linked to new support content and new to old content.

Link them between where ever possible.

Now, a pro tip here is to make the process easier to write the support content shorts as I do.

I have written really long posts and they are stuck on the blog page there are two-posts that are 3700 words each.

Whenever I write support content I linked to that and they return with amazing results.


5: – Home Page

Once you sort your contents in a proper manner then design your homepage for your products that you sell online or services that you offer online.

You can also add some popular posts to it but it will hurt the conversion rate.

From all your blog posts send visitors to your homepage as I do or you can directly send to the store where your product is hanging.

So try A/B testing and keep a red-eye on your analytics.



Sometimes a little push requires achieving big things. So if you sort your Content in a way that easy for a visitor to navigate and learn something on your blog.

Then you can win the long game.



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