How to Perfectly Blog On Reader (

The merge of technology and art has made it easy for us to share our ideas and meet passionate people from all around the world.

WordPress is offering its services in the same idea and on the other hand, passionate bloggers like us are using readers on daily basis.

That’s how they define Reader.

How to be a succesful blogger

So how to leverage Reader to get more traffic and build your personal brand to reach more audiences.

Or to achieve whatever goal you have in mind.


Play it Safe

Believe it or not, Reader can smell the spam in 1ooo mile.

I mean if you try to promote some pushy ads or any other links that mislead the visitors Or practicing some other spammy promotion activities.

Then there are chances to get ban or suspend.

I don’t want to refer you to the spam policy page but at least you must have an idea to play it safe.


How to be a succesful blogger

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Duplicate Content

I am not going to tell you that this is something bad until you don’t copy other people’s content and publish it on your blog.

If you have answers written on quora or some stories on medium then you can publish on your blog here (WP Reader)  and there will be no issue with that.

how to drive traffic on my subdomain blog from quora

Also, you will not face any issue with a Search Engine like google.

According to Moz Google, only indexes original content. and leave the copies.

how to be a succesful blogger -duplicate content

In this case, you can gain more visitors to your blog if you have any content out there.


Tags and Category

I will not go deep here because I’ve done the hard work about tags and categories here. 

If you don’t want to go into details – just keep in mind to use only 15 tags and categories total for every new post.


Engaging Content

As you know the more engaging content you publish the more people will appreciate it.

So only write compelling content that

  • Engage
  • Entertain
  • Provide Value
  • Etc


Offer For Free

If you have a book or some other assets on the web you must share that for free as I do.

As you know I have a book and I show people “how to read it for Free” worth 20$.



Create Value and your community will help to promote your content.

Now you know to play it safe and create value – But if you still have any questions feel free to ask in the comments section.


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