How to Promote Your Blog In 2021

After investing sweat and blood in generating content.

The rewards of sleepless nights are still hanging in distances.

You are roaring like a lion to have something.

After generating long or short terms of contents.

The next step is to promote everywhere.

While keeping your target in mind.

But it’s doesn’t mean to start overloading easy access sites.

Even if you do this you will get banned.

Because of spamming.

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#1:- While Generating

The promoting cycle begins whenever you type your first word for a new blog post.

Do your best to research an eye-catching title. which will attract people to click and read the rest.

The first opportunity you have in hand while writing is SEO.

To keep SEO in mind write content that will somehow rank in Google or on other Seach engines such as bing etc.

To make the process easier install the Yoast plugin to help you optimize every single post for the search engine.

The process is easy and fruitful.

This is the initial step to plan for promoting your blog content.

Do not forget about this.

Once you ranked for few keywords then write contents around that keywords and so on so forth.


#2:- Email List

Start building your email list from day one to collect email addresses.

If your site is small and can’t afford an email collecting service then use Mailchimp it’s a free service built-in sites.


Once you setup then asks your visitors to get new posts via emails.

Or use some marketing techniques to collects emails.

Such as a free E-book. etc.



This is an easy place to drive traffic to your blog.

People ask questions on the site and you answer.

While Answering put links back to your contents.

Answers only those which you know well.

Because there are many high profile experts who spend most of their time answering people.

They called themselves sons of quora.

son of quora

An influencer like Neil Patel once said that whenever I feel a lack of traffic I rush to quora.

I have answered hundreds of questions and I am wondering the smallest answer I wrote is getting more views.

Build a succesful blog - quora canva views

To generate some traffic from quora – head over to and type your blogging niche and you will see hundreds of question which people have already answered.

Look for the related topic and click to see how many views the answers are getting.

quora views on answers

Write your best answer and publish.

Don’t forget to leave some links to your blog.


#4:- Social Media

Everyone Knows about this and recently I have written about this in the last post.

The first purpose of social media is to connect with people.

Instead of engaging we only shoot our content and our content lost in the noise of ads and random posts.

You don’t need thousands of followers and posting each hour.

The main thing is to try to engage with people.

Let me tell you a superb method of promoting your content on Twitter.

Copy your recent post link or title and paste it in the search bar then hit enter.

you will see some related posts – click on one of the posts and see likes and retweeter.

Copy their username and tweet to them that I have the same piece of content which you have recently shared.

And say thanks in the last.

No one minds if they do not read they will pass it.

And you will get more visitors.

By using this strategy you can get 80% of the results.

You can apply this strategy to apply on many social sites.

LinkedIn, Facebook, are also great sites.

Also, do not forget to schedule ten posts daily on 4 social networks with Buffer free plan.

It is easy and always payback.

share one post to 4 social networks



Some methods are longer and some are short and we need both of them.

Such as email and SEO helps you in the long run and on the other hand strategy like the above works in the time of need.

So don’t hesitate to try small and big opportunities.

As Neil Patel says in his recently published video, little things can make a huge difference.


If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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