How to Set and Acheieve Your Life Goals From Start to Finish

We humans naturally want to level-up our beingness from one point to another targeted point.

Humans want things that matter Emotionally, consciously, sub-consciously, etc,  and humans feel to struggle to reach his desired destination.

which has been visualized in our mind and we feel for it, we think about it, we Dream about it, we proud about it, 

But when it comes to putting ourselves in some efforts, A very small amount of people struggle and reach their goals step by step.

Struggles are the life and death of our goals and dreams.

In this post, we will go through 6 steps to achieve our goals.


Step#1: Know yourself

Who you are? What do you want to do? Analyze and optimize your wants, Ask yourself again and again,

  • I want to do this and that right NOW
  • I want to do this and that Tomorrow
  • I want to do this and that in future

“I Want to” is a powerful word which can travel you from earth to mars and it’s a code of instruction for your mind to focus on, what you actually want in life.

You will never find the answer to this question anywhere in the world because the answer to this question is buried in you.

Dig deep and find out the hidden treasure in you.

Absolutely, take time keep the red-eye on your habits, conversation, from little acts to big action, emotions, and on your feelings. study yourself instead of others.

  • what’s making you happy
  • what’s make you love
  • what are the things you really enjoy 
  • what’s keep you busy and you do not care about the time during those certain tasks.

There is some personality test software. never ever use that kind of stuff because that’s are just calculation or codes.

find yourself naturally, try different ways again and again.

Practice meditation to tap into your intuition to find yourself. do not say NO to any possible way to find yourself.

The 3 Most important question you should ask, vishan teach in this video.

Once you got the hidden treasure in yourself the life will never be the same.

you will experience all old things with the new fresh mind. and you will say to yourself the world is crazy and I was one of them.



Step#2: Set Your Goals

After clarifying your dreams now it’s time to set some goals and make your dream true and no longer chase it as a wish.

where in the area of your life you love to set goals, there are many different humans needs.

  • Health
  • financial
  • spiritual
  • Business
  • career
  • relationship
  • charity
  • Etc, (your goal could be to be good parents)


build a successful blog - areas of life

by setting goals you clarify where you want to go in life.

“Dream which does not scare you, is not the big dreams”

So it means to set big goals or you can set some small goals for the experiment such as writing a 500 words blog post daily.

Achieving goals need three simple actions.

  • Strategy, What you need to do.
  • Tactics,    How you need to do.
  • The process,   A system to follow over and over again.

2.1: Keep major goals few in numbers

Productivity Studies shows the human mind can’t focus more than 5-7 items at one time. so keep the list short which you will recall from your memory easily.

2.2: Sub Goals and time management

All your major goals should have sub-goals which can be done Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, It’s up to you to set time and other goals accountability according to circumstances.

2.3: Why to Break it Down

If you say to yourself let’s run for 5 hours your brain will respond in nanoseconds that the energy is not enough to run for 5 hours,

but if you ask yourself let’s run for 1 minute, you can guess what will be the response.

that’s why it is important to break down all your goals into simple easy steps.

2.4: Plain it

“A goal without a plan is still a wish” planning a goal is simple, all you have to answer this question.

  • When
  • Where
  • How

Achieving goals take time but time is a precious resource. if something is not working the way you want and taking much time than you have set, then jump to another option or just skip it.

2.4: Review it

The study was conducted by the professor of psychology at Dominican University in California Gail Matthews.

 Revealed that people who had written goals on paper had been 42% more likely to reach them.

Writing goals is the most powerful approved activity around the globe. Experts recommend it But reviewing the goal  on a regular basis sharp

The main thing in goals achieving is the focus, review it daily, weekly, or create a vision board and hang it on a wall for better focus.

2.5: Edit it

Once you got your focus on your goals, you will find more easy ways to achieve it. you can edit it or change it completely for a better result.

People who achieve goals and set more goals after goals are happy more than those who do not practice goals setting.


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Step#3: Interested Or committed

It’s easy to just grab a paper and write down your goals and plan it on a white paper but bringing these goals to reality needs efforts and focus.

if you are interested in achieving your goals it’s just still a wish. only one step can bring your imagination and goals to reality is commitment.

Here is the main point commitment is a game-changer.

if you want to see your goals in real then make a commitment and say it to yourself “I will do whatever it will take“.

Once you avoid excuses the fun begins here and you will see only results.

Build a succesful blog - “There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it is convenient. When you’re committed to something you accept no excuses, only results.”Ken Blanchard – Au.jpg

One of the best examples of commitment is steve jobs. it’s an interesting story when his engineers designed the below first mac prototype PCB.

Build a succesful blog - wire-wrap

Steve was not happy with the appearance of this PCB and argued to build a pretty board but the engineers tried to convince him that The PCB works better and NO one is gonna see it in the box.

Steve strongly responded and made a commitment, Said,“I’m gonna see it! I want it to be as beautiful as possible, even if it’s inside the box. A great carpenter isn’t going to use lousy wood for the back of a cabinet, even though nobody’s going to see it.”

So it means Commitment do not bear any excuse or reason

“Do Or Die”

Whenever you got stuck, always ask this question from yourself again and again “what’s holding me back to live in my dream”

Remember “failure is the steps of success”

Many best personalities have failed thousands of times and they have achieved their goals when there was no hope at all.

When you do not see any hope or image but you feel that there is a way which can make the change. stay Committed something great is gonna happen.

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Interest walks you around the sea and commitment pushes you to dive in and swims to achieve your dreams.

sometimes a simple push off of hard work can make a huge change.

Things always never work the way we want but this is our job to make things right and let it works for us the way we need it.

Be confident, Believe in yourself, stay committed, and focused. and remember the rule of steve jobs ” People who have built things around you, are NOT smarter than you”

Step#4: The Bigger Why

An older lion in a jungle was running after a deer for hunting and another lion was watching the Race from the top.

The older lion lost the deer and did not catch the dear.

The watcher lion laughed at him and said ” you are now older and this is our job to hunt deer and win the race”

The older lion replied ” this is not the way you think but it was the race of purpose (of the bigger why).

The deer was running for a purpose to save his life and her children life which was bigger than my purpose, I was just running after her for one time meal. That’s why she won and left me behind.

That’s incredible, isn’t it?

The Why of deer was bigger why then the lion Why,

What’s yours why? are you after a deer? OR  a lion is after you?

The bigger why have the power to pull you to the ground to run.

In the same moment to focus on your future do not forget your present, space which is burning at the moment and asking you to do whatever it takes.

Write down your Bigger Why’s from time to time to find out your biggest Why.

Step# 5: Habit

Forming a bad habit is easy but living with a bad habit is not easy.

Forming a good habit is not easy but living with good habits is easy.

A smoker has cues of smoking, when he/she reach a specific place they feel to smoke, after a cup of copy, lunch, or dinner they feel to smoke.

If you want to stop smoking change your cues before quitting. or if you want to build a habit to work on your goals daily, weekly, monthly build your cues before building the habit.

Your cues can be a cup of copy or tea or deep breathing practice or write and review your goals.

Most of the cues fall into the five categories

  • Location
  • Time
  • Other People
  • Emotional
  • Immediately-Preceding action

Three Element of habit

Build a succesful blog - cues - habits

Consistency is the first step of commitment. consistency is the design of your strategy, tactics, and process to bring your goals to reality.

Step#6: Beliefs

While achieving your goals you will face some of the negative beliefs

  • I am not good enough to……
  • I am not smart enough to ……
  • I have not enough resources to …..
  • I have not enough knowledge to ….. so on and so forth

But these bullshit rules (Brules) are just inside in your mind which are pulling you back. that’s why the commitment came into play its role.

you can change your negative beliefs to positive beliefs by repeating these phrases to yourself

  • I am enough
  • I am getting better and better every day in every way

Marisa Peer has cleared enough phrases and more in this video.


You are the killer and saver of your dreams, either you can kill or save, it depends on you.

While fighting to achieve your goals you will experience, fear, procrastinating, excuses, overwhelming, confusing, and many more negative thoughts, beliefs, feelings.

but the commitment you have made will protect you.

Trying the above 6 steps can make a change and can help you in your struggle to bring your dream life into reality.

Let me know what I have missed and how we can achieve our goals faster and easier.

Don’t hesitate to share your experience in achieving goals.

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