How To Start Blogging The Right Way If You Know NOTHING

Everyone is a Blogger — If he/she got some skills to

  • Teach
  • Entertain
  • Help
  • Etc

If you can talk you can write and you are a blogger.

it’s not rocket science.

Skills And passion for that skills is an essential part of blogging if you have then do not be afraid of blogging.

Be Clear with it you are a blogger.

Also, it seems you have a good sense of business as your question tells — you want to go step by step.

A lot of people ask me questions but I only answer those questions which is appealing and full of senses.

Okay Now To Do blogging in the right Way.

Let me give a simple short idea and options.

If you are just starting –

Get subdomain (which I am using for many years), Plus monetize with affiliate product or with own products.

Subdomain + Affiliate Products -OR- + Own Products.

Another option here is

Own Domain Plus Hosting + Affiliate Products -Or- + Own Products.

If you keep the monetization of your blog for later it will be the best decision but people are crazy to earn from the blog that’s why I early mention monetization.

If you are having good experience with tech or blog tech then you should buy your own domain and host.

if you do not know the tech side of blogging then get subdomain with or starting plan with WordPress .com

Now it’s Your Choice but remember one thing do not spend too much time on the tech side of blogging.

Blogging requires Contents As they say Content is KING.

One Blog And Multi-Skills

If you really want to build a successful blog then you have to Improve many skills for your blogging journey.

  • Writing First
  • Monetization
  • Analytics
  • Social media
  • SEO
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Etc

Either you want or not but you have to learn The ins and outs of blogging.

Spend 50% of your time in the beginning of blogging to learn. The Best INVESTMENT OF YOUR TIME at this stage

Keep in mind a lot of expert bloggers have done the same at this stage.

you have to learn. ( Picasso spent 25 years of his life to just draw the pictures)

As you keep learning The doors will open and you will get the breakthrough in any situation in your blogging journey.

I  spent half of my life in Blogging and now I am an Author Of “Build a successful Blog” Started From Knowing NOTHING at all.

You can find More Details from the below link.


If you have any further questions FEEL FREE to ASK —

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