1. Make your main Facebook Fan Page the most important Facebook page you will ever create. This is the page that will attract millions of likes and the page which will have the most voting power to your website.

Adding content every hour is a must to show followers and Google that the page is active and with recent information every hour.

This page should be promoted on your website or blog, your personal Facebook profile wall, Stumble Upon, Twitter, anywhere you can insert its link.


2. Now you are going to create several free blogs with some content that will point to your main Facebook Fan Page to give it even more voting power.

Blogger and WordPress are the two best blogging tools and both can be used for free and both have a very high voting power when it comes to links.

Each and every blog should have unique content and all these blogs should point to each other to give more voting power to all of them.

Google says that a page loses voting power when it links to other pages. If this was true then no website would have voting power at all.

All outgoing links also improve the source’s authority so if you have a blog with links to everywhere, that blog will rank higher than a blog with no links to anywhere at all. This is important to know because you need blogs with the highest possible voting power to make that main Facebook Fan Page have more voting power than the main blog or website.


3. You can create several smaller pages, each one about a product or a service, instead of a single big company, and link to the main Facebook Fan Page to deliver voting power and likes as well. It takes time to build each page and to add useful unique content but once it’s done the rewards will be great.


4. Finally you should point all pages you have ever created to the main Facebook Fan Page so it can rank higher on Google when people search for your company or services. Sites like Triond, Squidoo, Hubpages, Xomba, all should point to the Facebook main Fan Page.


Fan Pages are the easiest way to promote any product or service and it is just as easy as copy and pasting content.

Never in the history of the internet marketing was so simple and easy to do and with Facebook millions of people started to buy more products online since they have honest reviews from their friends and feel more secure buying online.