How to Write a Blog Post Every Day?

As you know bloggers always tend to write more blog posts and do their best to

  • Entertain
  • Educate
  • Aware

their audeinces in every step they take in a specific niche.

But when they set at their keyboard they struggle right there.

In this post, I will show you some easy steps to write a blog post daily without compromising on other tasks.

Let’s Begin.

But wait – Before We dig deeper it’s important to also tell you about the easy ideas for your next blog post.


Where to get Ideas?

The best and quick way is to write your ideas when they pop up in your mind.

  • While-Reading
  • Writing
  • Talking

You may have noticed that some good ideas always come to mind.

Use your phone to jot down those ideas.

Bloggers call it a spark of ideas that remains only for a few seconds and at the same time ( in the blink of an eye ) you get many ideas.

But the brave are those who catch it. Am I right?


How to Write a Blog Post Every Day?

Just in few steps daily complete your blog post.

Don’t be fool by thinking that it is a one-time task.

For some bloggers, it may be but it’s not especially in the beginning.

If you write step after step it will be more beneficial for you.

As you practice for some days then it will form a habit and your blog writing will flow in a cycle.

As your habit wheel turn you will be completing step after step.

So for you, it will be easier to write more blog posts.

In my book, I’ve written about writing more quality content in detail.

Let’s get into the steps to write a blog post every day.


#1: – Mind Mapping

Before you sleep you must write an idea in the mid of a paper and around it simply point the outlines in short phrases.


#2: – Outline

Number your short phrases in a sequence that you will write about those points in your blog post.


#3: – Write

When you get up after sleep in the morning start writing your post.

Just put the thoughts on the paper or if you are good to research while writing then you can but I don’t recommend it.

Because it will take you too much time. Also, It will not allow you to be creative and write your mind.


#4: – Rewrite Or Editing

If you edit after a break you will be more productive and will do your best.

If something doesn’t make sense cut that without any mercy or rewrite that paragraph or sentence.



This is how you can complete a blog post and can run it in a cycle that will not disturb your other tasks.

Also, a pro tip here is, to Mind map, Outline, and write in bulk.

When you have things to do you will stay active and for bloggers and writers, it’s so much important to live in the med of their work.


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