How To Write Content Consistently On Your Blog & Never Run Out Of Ideas

When it comes to writing consistently and sparking ideas then everyone has their style to work on.

In the world of blogging, a lot of bloggers suggest many different ways to done something but no one tells you to do whats works for you.

In your blogging journey always look for the techniques and try that tips and tricks if it works for you then repeat if it is not working for you then go ahead and try new things.


1: Writing Consistently

As Seth godin says — blogging every day is more important than any other thing to do daily.

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You have to skip other tasks and routines to blog.

You have to make time and blog — You have to.

The first thing for me here is that — I Have strong emotions and mentally prepared and I believe that blogging is important and I have to sit and write.

Whatever you do but to blog first.

The best Time for blogging is Morning, with the help of fresh minds and fresh ideas the words will flow from your mind to the screen.

Keep in mind and believe it that blogging daily is IMPORTANT.


2: Getting Ideas to Write Consistently

If you try to go deeper you will notice that an idea for a new blog post is a spark — believe me, it is just a spark but catching that spark at the given time is so hard because it is so short to catch.

And in that little moment, you do not get only one idea but many ideas which first confuse you and then disappear in thin air.

The first thing here is to be prepared for that spark Becuase you do not know when your mind will spark and will give you the best ideas.

Whenever your mind sparks you must write it somewhere either it can be a phone or in a small notebook.

Now it depends on your method. Do what works for you.


3: Tools For Ideas

I Always use my mind first to catch my spark for new ideas but sometimes I need to use some tools to find my spark.

Okay, Let me introduce you to my first tool.

3.1 — Buzzsumo .com

Now it is really simple to understand the idea of working buzzsumo

Watch the video and get many ideas that are trending right now on social media and start competing with your competition.

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3.2 — Google Trends

Once you got the idea or you still want to find the spark then there is another tool that will also help you.

Head over to google trends and compare your one idea from many angles — OR — Many ideas from one angle.

it works best — You should try –

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3.3 — Quora

Nowadays I get My best spark from quora and very often I use the above tools.

Because people ask me about

  • Blogging
  • Writing
  • Marketing
  • making Money
  • SEO
  • Books
  • Etc

And when they ask I get many sparks and I work on those ideas till the end of the day.

Your question also sparked me and that’s why I skipped many questions to answer you.

When I fully Answer then I publish that spark on my blog with a little twist — So to avoid duplicate contents.

Some times same to same.

3.4 Uber Suggest

This is another best tool which is trending among expert bloggers.

And this tool belongs to an expert blogger — the marketer — called Neil Patel.

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But Personally, I do not use may be in the future I will use it.

It is the best tool to use and especially for cathing your spark.

Using All the above-mentioned tools in the right way will help you to never run out of ideas.

In my book, I have Written deeply — from getting ideas to the conclusion.

You can get more info on my blog.


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