How to Write Faster to Build a Successful Blog Faster

The more you write the more you will go faster in writing.

This is only easy to say

But when you see a blank white page in front of you – a lot of questions start popping into your mind and in a few seconds your head gets confused and you stop writing and start thinking.

So there must be a reason why you get confusion before you write a single word.

Practice makes perfect.



I know many people on the web when they first started blogging – they had no idea how to even ask a question.

And NOW they are enjoying successful blogging journies.

How they do that and build successful blogs.

As we know the web is full of information and everyone is blogging and some are blah – blah – blahgging.

But those bloggers built their blogs from learning your’s and my blog.

Yes, they have the talent to do something.

okay – let’s focus on Writing faster first.


Step#1:) Learn Writing By Writing

If you think that you will read a lot and then the words will start flowing from your head to paper – NO _ it’s not correct.

or you will meditate and then you will try to write – It Also – No.

Everything is considered NO – until you do not set on your chair to get your keyboard and start writing or a pen and paper.

If while in writing you got some guts then for that guts you can research and can read.

Don’t get stuck everywhere but in some places.

Keep in mind that there is no good way to learn writing.

you can only learn writing by writing.

Later, I will give you some techniques which will help you write faster.

But to avoid confusion, I want to discuss some important things.


Step#2:) Write 3k Post Daily

Let this be a challenge for you when you get up every day.

Only write – No editing – adding visuals – links – etc – are Allowed – Only keep writing.

And let the words flow from your head to paper.

Set alarm to complete in one or two hours.

Later you can expand or reduce the time.

Step#3:) Avoid Distraction Completely

Writing means writing little thoughts in your head which can fly from your head If you focus on any other thing.

And the worst thing is it never comes back.

So for this reason choose a special place for your writing.

If possible use earplugs.


Step#4:) Good Typing Speed is required


Because as I have mentioned recently that writing is all about writing your little thoughts.

If your typing or handwriting speed is slow then you will be unable to catch and write your tiny little thoughts on a paper or in a text editor.

Your writing speed must be faster to convert your thoughts into written words.

Use to improve your writing speed.


Step#5:) Tools For Writing

If you ask expert writers about the best tools for writing.

They will only recommend pen and paper and I know some writers they also recommend dame light and a kindle.

Because these tools are natural and the thought flows stronger than writing on a screen.

You can deeply engage your mind to focus on a specific topic and on the other hand, it’s easy to lose your focus and get distracted working on screen.

Handwriting is also helpful in critical thinking.

I use pen and paper for mind mapping and outlining the blog post.

So it means the half work I do with paper and pen and for the other half, I use a dame light screen and a full-size keyboard.

you can mix things up or you can stick to any.

But as we know the web is full of information but we still need deep down thoughts on a subject from a successful blogger/writer just like you.

If you check here you will notice that 75 percent of businesspeople prefer pen and paper in meetings.

So in short involve pen and paper in your writing process for

  • Catching deep thoughts
  • More control
  • Faster writing – mind map – outlining –

It’s a big topic you must explore if you love writing.

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5.1:) Grammarly

It’s an app – helps you to avoid grammatical and spelling errors with some other good features.

it is an important tool for editing faster.

5.2:) Google Doc

it’s also the best tool to use for offline and online writing.

The good feature of this tool is that you can use this single app around many devices.

  • Smart Phone
  • Tablets
  • Laptop
  • Desktop

build a succeful blog - google doc

So whenever you have access to any of your devices you can start writing and can finish your drafts from anywhere.

For me, I love writing in wordpress classic editor. I don’t know but the thought flows well here.

But I have still hundreds of documents in google doc drafts.

5.3:) Write in your mind

Either you have access to your devices or not.

The best thing is to do once a day is to write in your mind for a few minutes or all the time when you are free.

I still remember – in my childhood I used to learn to write just like a computer with a cut pen.

I used to write in my mind and the tools I was using for that semi imagination practice were my teeth.

All the time I was a crazy guy with a blue mouth and fingers (ink).

But the technique I used at that time was useful and it still works for me.

So this is a good tool you should try.

5.4:) Free Writing

Another amazing tip here is that you must practice freewriting once a day.

Whatever you think about this But it builds confidence and a confident blogger builds a successful blog faster.

Just like a crazy man only focus on writing and let your finger write from your mind on the paper.

After a few minutes, you will be amazed by the words and you will hardly believe that you have many good ideas in your mind.

Don’t try to rewrite, edit, or read, just keep writing.


Step#6:) Master Each Part of Writing

Now you have read so far about

  • Writing challenge
  • Writing Tools
  • Writing Practice
  • Writing confidence

it means half of the work is done for faster writing.

Now we will discuss a popular writing technique and after this technique, I will write about

  • Building writing Habit
  • Writing is an argument – in the conclusion part of this post

This technique is really useful and this technique breaks the heavy and hard process of writing into pieces.

Not only with these techniques you will write faster and more but the main thing is you will enjoy each round of this technique.

Once you mastered and practiced well then you can call yourself a successful blogger.

you must master each round by practicing a lot.

So let’s begin.

Shall We?

First, we will mix the mad man technique with the writing process and then again I will describe only the writing process for better comprehension.

6.1:) Mad man

Build a Succesful Blog - Writing technique - madman

This technique about which we are talking about called a Mad Man Writing Technique.

You may have noticed many times madmen in your city streets, who collects

  • Plastic & cold drinks bottles
  • Shopping bags
  • Broken pieces of plastic and metals
  • Anything which he can collect
  • etc

Grab a pen and paper and Just like a mad man collect all the thoughts from the streets of your mind about a specific topic, not about all topics.

The best thing is to write a headline in the middle of a paper.

And then start collecting little thoughts, and ideas on a large paper.

Take your time and left nothing unwritten about that topic.

There is a good tool called – if you don’t want to use pen and paper for mind mapping.


Build a succesful blog - - templates in png


Zoom the image by double-clicking or open in a new tab.

6.2:) Architect

Now as an architect draw lines or give numbers to the collected thoughts on the paper.

Give a shape to the whole document.

It’s called in writing outlining the document (blogpost).

Outline the whole document in sequence to form an argument.

Build a successful blog - forming argument in writing

6.3:) Carpenter

Now as a carpenter your job is to make the argument straight to the points and add more wood pieces to design a shape.

Cut the useless wood from both ends – to form different shapes from different pieces and convert to one big shape. Such as

  • Door
  • Cabinet
  • Bed
  • etc

It means writing

6.4:) JUDGE

Build a succesful blog - writing technique judge

Now you got a chance to kill the darling of a mad man.

Writers call this technique killing their darling Rewriting.

If something is not adding value to the whole argument then cut it without showing any mercy.

If possible rewrite the whole sentence or paragraph.

Let the judge punish the mad man.


  • Editing
  • Spelling error
  • Grammatical errors
  • Words suggestion

Use the (mentioned above) app to help you rewrite faster.

6.5:) Revision on the Writing process

Now let me describe the writing process in easy words.

First, you collected ideas and random thoughts from your mind.

2nd – you outlined the random thoughts in order to frame an argument or blog post, book, etc.

After that in your 3rd step, you wrote, cut, added more

  • Words
  • Points
  • Sentences
  • Paragraphs
  • Topics
  • Chapters
  • etc

to the arguments without editing.

At last, as a judge in the rewriting or final editing process, you deleted the words and sentences – or rewrote the whole sentences, paragraphs, and cleared spelling and grammatical errors.

Now you might be thinking that this process is easy and will make your blogging journey easy.

Yes, it is – But you know what – It requires a lot of practice.

Without practice using this technique for writing is just like hiking in sleepers.

In short – you have to practice and master each part of this technique.


Step#7:) Build Writing Habit For Building a Succesful Blog

As we know – we first make our habits and then our habits makes us.

For a blogger and writer building writing habits is half work, and it is the first challenge to win.

The rest half of work is holding many challenges but building a writing habit is something that can take much time and energy.

I will soon publish another post only about building a writing habit.

I have written many chapters only on writing in my book.


Before you start writing ask yourself do you love the crafts you are writing about.

The poor crafts man always blame his crafts.

Now you know the whole process of writing and other needy stuff.

But keep in mind whatever your niche is in blogging but you have to write – write – & write more quality content faster.

Writing is not writing but in reality, it is an argument.

Which represents you to stand for something and it holds you a message in hands to spread.

Either you spread your message by writing or by speaking – it’s your choice.

You have to argue to spread the message while writing in a blog editor or while speaking on stage.

Some writer’s rules should be under your concentration but especially writing is an argument.

While arguing your claims, and the topic you want to teach to others should be backed by

  • Facts
  • Research
  • Reports
  • Insights
  • Quotes
  • Reference
  • History
  • Cases
  • Future predictions
  • etc

For a strong argument, you can use all the resources you have or rounding in your heads.


If you any Question FEEL FREE to ASK – And Let me know what you think in the comment section.

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