How to Write your Blog With Confidence?

Have you noticed that there is a lot of stigma surrounding the ‘holy grail’ of internet writing – “copywriting?” I do agree that it is the most important element of marketing online. But you can still learn how to write for websites, and write well for that matter, without waiting until you’ve become a master copywriter.

If you’re new to writing for the internet – these basic guidelines will help get you started:


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Research your topic

I like to use a minimum of 4-5 different quality online sources. I also like to use material from hard copy books if possible. Magazines and industry newsletters are also good sources of research material.


Write with purpose

Get into the heads of the audience you are writing for. Remember you are either helping to solve a problem or giving them the information they want.


Create a strong headline

Headlines are important in every type of copy. Write a catchy headline that includes keywords for your particular niche. Write several headlines before deciding on your best. Dedicate most of your allocated writing time to creating the ideal headline.


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Chop It Up

Most online readers do not read word for word – they “scan”. To keep your readers interested, chop up your writing into bite-size chunks. Approximately two to three sentences each. Include sub-headings for each new section (some of these should also your keywords).


Write with Passion

I believe this is probably the most important rule for writers. Who wants to read stale, regurgitated web content that is devoid of life. Not me!

You don’t have to be a Jane Austin or Bryce Courtney, but you should at least enjoy the process and feel good about what you are writing.

If you need some motivation, try playing some inspiring music, drink a strong cup of coffee, or my favorite – pour a glass of wine (just remember to drink slowly – and definitely spell check the next morning!).

Keep in mind the Golden Rule – “the more you do something you enjoy, the more success you will attract.”


Keep Learning

I am a strong advocate for lifelong learning. We all should keep learning and improving ourselves.  Today we have access to the world’s very best in every genre. And this includes expert online copywriters.

I personally love the energy of Joe Vitale and the gusto of John Carlton. These guys have passion oozing out of their writing and inspire you to aim for greater heights.


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