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If you are serious about blogging, you will constantly be looking at ways to improve your blog.

Blogging is about the constant journey, so if you feel that things are ‘nice and comfortable’, it probably means that you are not pushing yourself enough and you are ready for your next challenge!

Knowing of ways to improve your blog may be something that comes easily or it may take a lot of thinking.  The great thing is that I have gathered six ideas for you, which you can start implementing today.


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1. Increase your blogging schedule

How often are you currently posting on your blog?  Once or twice a week?

You may find that you are getting some great results from your current blog schedule, and if this is the case, can you imagine the results you would get from posting more often?

One of the easiest ways to improve your blog is to increase your blogging schedule (provided of course that you maintain the high quality!).

Currently, on Blogging Tips 101 I post twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays.  On my Smart Party Planning site, I post three times a week on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

At the current time, this works well, but the next goal will be to post three times on Blogging Tips 101 and then gradually increase to four and five on both sites.

When you post on a consistent day, your readers know what to expect and they know when new content will be available to them.

If increasing your posting schedule is something you are considering, make sure you keep the quality high.  It is much better to post twice a week with great quality than to post five times a week with utter rubbish!

If you start posting more often purely to drive traffic to all your new content, but that content contains little value, then your readers will run the other way.  This will not have the effect that you initially desired!

If however, you are posting sporadically, maybe it’s time to set a concrete schedule!!

2. Vary the type of content you provide

An exciting way to improve your blog is to vary the type of material that you provide to your readers.  If your posts generally consist of written blog posts, then you may want to look at providing some videos or infographics.

Blogging Tips 101 is a new site that started in December 2013.  Up until recently, the content type had all been of the same written informative ‘tip’ style.

The first variation in the content provided on this site was to add our Friday Featured Blogger segment.  This has been a great way to connect with other bloggers, learn from others but also draw in new readers.

Most recently I have added infographics.  This infographic on 7 crucial blog design tips was the first one to be posted and resulted in increased social shares, especially on Pinterest.

Not only does varying the content add interest for your readers, but it also makes the journey more exciting for you. It can become quite monotonous working on the same thing over and over again, so varying the content is a great way to spruce things up!

3. Make some blogging investments

Maybe you have reached a point where your blog is starting to become successful and you are looking at reinvesting your profits back into your business.  This is a great way to move your blog forward.

Making the decision to reinvest in your blog could be the best decision you make for your business.



Upgrading your theme, undertaking some design work, obtaining some ghostwriting, signing up for a learn how to blog program, could all be options for further blog investment.

4. Advertise

Maybe it is time to up the ante with some advertising of your blog.

The start is always the hardest and if you have made it to the point of growing your social media profiles and gaining organic traffic, you may now decide that this is the time to gain more traffic from paid advertising.

This is certainly not to say you stop all the hard work you have been doing, because this definitely needs to continue.  What it will do however is compliment your current traffic generation strategies and build on the hard work you have already undertaken.

5. Celebrate achievements

Get personal with your readers and celebrate the milestones as you reach them.  People love to see the ‘person behind the blog’, so let them know that you are real!

Have you achieved a milestone with the number of subscribers you have gathered or the number of likes on your Facebook account?  Why not celebrate this with your readers.

A great way to celebrate is to hold a giveaway or offer an e-book for free.

Provide something of value to your readers to let them know how much you appreciate them.  This is also a great way of gaining new readers.

6. Move forward with confidence

One of the great ways to improve your blog is to be confident with what you are doing.  This doesn’t mean to walk around with a ‘big head’, but have confidence in yourself, and that will shine through in your sight.

Regardless of what steps you take to improve your blog, do it with confidence and make sure you feel happy with your decisions.

Making changes is a big step, and many bloggers fail to do it for fear of what the change will mean.

Sometimes in life, we have to take chances, and if your new plan of action doesn’t have the results you expected, what’s the worst that can happen?

If your blog is ready to be taken to the next level, then consider some of the ways to improve your blog right now. Concentrate on one strategy at a time.

Constant reflection is what will move your blog to the next level and make your blog stand out from the rest.

Have you been considering any ways to improve your blog? 

What tasks have you undertaken that you have received a benefit from?  

Please share your thoughts with us below.


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