Improve your Writing By Writing Away Your Stress

Often, people will turn to journals to keep account of their everyday lives. However, writing can be more than just a means to save your memories. It can be a way to write away your stress, literally. If you want to unload your stress, a pen and paper can do the trick.

Regardless of whether you are trying to determine decisions on investment in stocks that you have made, or want to deal with a troubling relationship, writing it out can ease your stress. Keep in mind that when you are writing to reduce your stress, it’s different from writing in your journal daily. If you want to get rid of stress, you have to write in detail about the things that are stressing you out.


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It may not sound as easy as a plug-and-play profit system, but for the writing process to be therapeutic, you have to let go of any restrictions you may normally put on your words.

Imagine yourself opening up to a professional psychiatrist. Not only would you recount the events, but you would also recount how these events made you feel as well as the thoughts that were going on in your mind as they were happening.

This type of writing has several benefits. It can help you purge all of the excess and negative emotions and thoughts you are carrying associated with a particular event. It can also help you understand what is going on inside of you.

Writing will help you sift through the confusion that comes along with your emotions, and can even help you find answers to your problems. When you are trying to figure out what went wrong with one business venture, you may find out how to make money online. You may find that you’ll start finding solutions where you least expected to find them.

When you are letting go of your stress through writing, you’re helping your physical health. When you are dealing with less stress, you are more likely to fight off illness better. You may even notice that your thinking is more coherent as well.

When you are using writing as a form of stress relief, do not worry about your grammar or punctuation. How your writing looks is not the subject at hand, in this case, releasing your stress is. In fact, when you worry about how your writing looks, you are stressing yourself, even more, defeating the intended purpose. Remember, if you are writing about a negative experience try to include how you overcame the experience and what positives may have come out of such an experience.


commenting on other blogs

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