Instagram or a Blog? Which One is Good for the Long Run?

Blogging is not a one-day task – it requires months to see success, and on the flip side, social media play a good role in blogging.

But when it comes to the long run you must use both and some other additional tools that will be helpful.

A blog is something where you are allowed to write longer or shorter posts. but most of the blog posts are around 1000 – 1500 words. The length is no matter.

On the flip side, social media is a helpful tool to spread the words about your brand – blog – and share your blog posts.

Nowadays Instagram is getting more people’s attention. So in this situation write blog posts that you think will be helpful to your readers and then share with the first two paragraphs on social sites including IG.

The best part of using a blogging platform is that it also helps you get traffic from search engines and that traffic can push your blog to the next level.

And you can earn tons of $$$.


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