Interested Or Committed ?

The million-dollar questions I learned the hard way from a mind game-changer namely John Assaraf.

He teaches a lot of techniques to achieve the goals you are dreaming about and almost I’ve spent months to set and achieve goals from him.

Everything was free and I learned a lot then I wrote about the goals in my first book.

But the technique he taught really works after understanding this one question.

Interested Or Committed?

And further, he explains to find yourself in one of these bucket then start noticing your activities.

If you are only interested then you will be doing the things that are easier to do.

But if you look on the flip side and want to find yourself committed then do the things that are not easier.

But it doesn’t mean to skip the easier But whatever comes on the way that matters.

If you look around most of my fellow bloggers only like my posts and expect me to come and visit their blogs to become the early bird of their offers.

But it’s not the way it works – You have to be real and committed.

Not only in the blogging world but in every matter of your life.


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