Is Social Media helping you Grow Your Blog? Beginners

Are your social media networks working well for you, or are you finding that it is a bit of a struggle?  By that I mean….are you getting the interaction that you would expect or hope for from your social media networks?

Social media can be the heart and soul of traffic on your site, but sometimes it can feel like getting blood out of a stone and a completely lost cause.  If the latter is true for you, then let’s examine why this might be!


How old are your social media networks?

One reason you might not be getting the results you are expecting could be purely due to the age of your site and social profiles.

How long have you been investing and nurturing them?

Any social profile is going to take time to build up, and in the beginning, it will feel like no one is listening.

At this time it is important to get your head down and just keep going.

How do you think those bloggers with massive social media networks achieved it?  

It didn’t happen overnight for them either, so don’t have false expectations about setting up your profiles one day and having a huge following the next.  It simply won’t happen.  Sorry to burst your bubble if you were hoping otherwise!


Are You Focusing Too Much On Numbers?

Are you someone who loves to watch the number of followers on your profiles?  Whilst it is great to see the numbers increasing, are you paying attention to what is actually happening?  Have you had a sudden spike or drop in numbers?  If this is the case, why might it be?

Take notice of the spikes and drops and consider the following;

Does it correlate to certain content that you wrote?

Did you undertake some advertising at the time?

Were you featured in some guest posting?

By paying close attention to what is happening with your numbers, you can work out what has been working well for you and what could do with some improvement.

If your number spiked, after undertaking a task, then it is demonstrating that new readers liked what they saw, but if it has taken a sudden drop, then something must have happened to put them off.  Use this information to your advantage and then do more or less of the same thing!


What Are Your Traffic Sources Telling You?

What social media networks are you a member of?  Do you pay attention to all the platforms with the same amount of effort or are you concentrating on some more than others?

Study the traffic sources from where your readers are coming from.  Are they predominately from one platform, or mixed over many?  If you notice that you are getting plenty of traffic from Facebook, but nothing from Google Plus, then clearly your networking on Facebook is going well for you, but something is going wrong with Google Plus.

Don’t be disheartened when studying your traffic sources, but instead use it to your advantage.  You have been given gold nugget information here, so rather than being upset that something is not working, turn it around and use it in your favor.

The information is there for you, now YOU have to tap into it and make it work for you!


What Are Your Readers Reactions?

Following on from taking notice of where your readers are coming from, also take notice of what your readers are doing!  Are you getting comments, likes, +1′s, or re-tweets?  If you are nodding….are you responding to them?  Every time you respond to a notification you are engaging with your readers.

Not engaging?  This means you are not connecting with your readers and as a result, you are failing the very core of your social media networks.

Take an analysis of what your readers are engaging you with.  This can help you to determine what to post more of, and ensure that your efforts are being utilized.


Are You Only Talking About Yourself?

Social media is not all about self-promotion.  This is one of the biggest mistakes that bloggers make and then they wonder why their social media networks are not working well for them.

Social media should be about the mutual exchange of information, a place to network, gain ideas and learn information.  No one is going to be happy seeing lots of links dropping, so don’t be one of those bloggers.

Take a look at your social media networks.  Are you someone who only promotes yourself?  Do you share other’s work?  Do you talk about what else is happening in your niche?

If people are only going to see the same thing on your social profiles that they see on your blog…why would you expect them to interact or visit the other profiles?  Give your readers different things to talk about and watch the difference this makes.

Your social media networks will thrive when you invest time and effort into them.  It requires constant care and attention in order to build trust and relationships with others. Take the time to nurture your networks and analyze the results.

Do you feel you require more support to make the most out of your networks?  If you feel this would be beneficial,

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What results are you currently seeing from your social media networks?  Please share your thoughts with us below.


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