Is Writing Hard For You?

Every site needs articles. One of the most popular marketing strategies among IM marketers is article writing.

Unfortunately, not all internet marketers know how to write articles. It’s a fact that too many people think they’re the next great writer, they can write anything, and that there’s nothing “to” article writing.

That’s not correct, but you can still learn how to do it, absolutely.


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With this skill, you can discover how to create articles and content people love to reading.

Traffic generation articles that produce high-quality traffic are also one of the skills you can learn.

With some time and some effort, you might even learn to like writing the articles you use in your article marketing campaigns! Here are some proven and tested strategies you can put into your article writing, today.

Take the time to do quality research before you begin writing. This is just a ‘must do’ task that any good writer will do. After you learn about your topic it is easier to write an outline and then to put what you have learned onto the page. Thanks to the net, research for articles should be a snap.

Obviously, you can start with search engines, and then there are online libraries, so it would be a rare situation to not be able to find the information you need.

It’s so easy to find all the info you need for an article. You’ll feel a lot better about what you’ll be writing after you have all the required information. It’s tremendously easier to write about something you know rather than writing as you go along with learning it.

Simple writing usually will win the day. Articles are more formal than blog posts, but they should not be highly formal writing because you’ll alienate too many readers. Use simple sentences and easy-to-understand language. But be careful about going to the extreme opposite with writing that’s too simple.

Remember you’re writing to a particular audience, so you’ll want to use the jargon it understands and expects. It’s possible to accomplish that without sounding like a lecturing professor. You could turn off a lot of readers before they learn just how great you are!

Don’t forget to research and give your readers accurate and good information in your articles. No need, though, to give up the whole farm. If you try to help people, they generally will notice and that’s a good thing. This practice will encourage people to do business with you.


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Of course, the opposite is true, if you write with no real good content, or very little content and all filler material, then people will tend to avoid doing business with you. You’ll discover that giving is necessary before you can start taking.

Article marketing and article writing are art forms that just about anybody can learn to do on at least a basic level. Learning this simple skill is something that will serve you well in different areas.

You won’t always have enough to hire a professional writer to create your articles for you. So obviously this is something you can do that will help your business. You don’t have to be Earnest Hemingway, you just have to be good enough to keep the reader’s eyes on your page.

2 thoughts on “Is Writing Hard For You?”

  1. I am artist and I share my process. Interestingly I love to write but don’t feel confident in sharing. I know my writing is good but I need the practice.

    1. Yes – Practice Makes Perfect – and don’t be overhelmed by your first draft – Keep yourself busy with words.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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