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How and Why should Job seeker Blog to Stand Out of the Crowd?

If you are doing the same as everyone as to achieve your specific goals and not considering to do something better and different, then the Zig-zag technique applies to you. where the other is zig – you zag.

Blogging is a unique opportunity to make you unique, it doesn’t matter if you are a job seeker, Freelancer, Affiliate,  Writer, Entrepreneur, etc, a blog helps you to stand out of the crowd and represent you as an expert in the potential target industry.

The idea of blogging is not only limited to businesses everyone can benefit from it, either for personal use or professional.

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Here are some case studies, How These Smart Job Seekers Used Blogging To Find Jobs. These case studies show clearly that these job seekers not just found jobs but long-term career success with the help of blogging.

A new blog publishes somewhere in the world every half second.

In 2019, statistics have shown that there are over 500 million blogs on the internet.

This infographic and the number of posts published today will inspire you more about blogging.

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Who are the bloggers and why they blog? in a nutshell

  1. Basically, people blog as a hobby and share their experiences with like-minded people, and they don’t care what their audience is interested in, but they just write what they want to write, some bloggers just want to make their writing better.
  1. Professional blogger blog to earn money in three ways and they write what their audience love to read and generate custom content on a regular basis.
  • They sell their own products, courses, etc.
  • Promote affiliate products.
  • Advertise to their audience third-party products or services through google Adsense.
  1. Businesses blogs to educate their customer about their products to keep them update. They write about how their products can solve their customer problems and so on.
  2. Freelancer, writers, affiliates, others, and especially job seekers blogs to promote their own personal brands and build the same taste community.


How to blog as a job seeker?

Blogging is about Teaching, guiding, Leading, and helping others in the same mission you are involved in.

You can blog about anything but you should not blog about Everything. focus to blog about your passion, Blog about what you know well, and what you can teach to others well.

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As a job seeker, you are your own company you are providing your services to companies.

Blog about your services and let the target and your network know that you are the expert of your services, which you are providing.

Think recruiters/companies as a buyer of your services and assure them how you can generate the most positive result at the end of the month.

Blog about which will help understand people about your professional breadth and depth.

Breadth: Different skills set

depth: Experience of your skills set

Build a Succesful Blog - Breadth-Depth

The blog is a unique environment, unlike a resume you can expand and expand again on your breadth and depth that will give a clear image to your readers how expert you are at specific skills or in a particular field.

Write articles about tips and tricks on your skills, Write your experiences how to do something difficult in an easy way, Teach how to use the tools you are experienced in your skills.

in short, write the output of your mind on your blog which you have inputted into your mind to until date.

For example. Google, Yahoo, NBC, eBay, Viacom, HP, General Motors, Amazon, Hired  Niel Patel  (top blogger of digital marketing) to grow revenues of all these companies. Because he blogs about his breadth and depth and obviously blogging stood him out of the crowd.

That’s how your target companies are gonna hire you through blogging and recruiters will come to you to hire you (Free video course) on

Companies like mind valley ask job candidates while submitting the job application to link to a blog, software, or web design.


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Benefits of Blogging

Build a succesful blog - networking

The benefits of blogging are
 extensive, but you just need to focus on, what kind of benefits you expect from your blog. The clearer your goals the clearer your ways.

Personal brand: The blog will not just help you to build your personal brand but it will help you also to promote your personal brand and you will b known as an expert around you and around the world.all you have to do to write the content of different formats on your blog. and the blog will do the rest. Dig deep, personal branding guide.

Build a network: Build your professional network on your own blog. your content will attract the same taste people from every corner of the web, that all audiences will be landed on your blog posts, your network will be developed by the people attracted by your content.

Express you, more than a Resume: Blog is a platform to express yourself on a daily basis, potentials employees can understand better, how you can be fit in their culture. you can increase your interview time/chances by referring the employee to your blog.

Practice your writing:  Absolutely it will take some time to become a better writer to inspire the world!. your blog could be an amazing opportunity to practice writing.

Experience NEW: Experience new in-demand skills, such as CSS, HTML, through the blogging process, Meet new Peoples from around the world, Try new businesses.

The blog is your platform: land a new job, promote the personal brand, inspire others with your thoughts, help businesses, Earn money, you can use your blog for any purpose you choose. Especially stand out of the crowd?

Think and act As a Marketer

Build a succesful Blog - Marketer -

Before taking any step, the Marketer analyzes three things.

  • His products
  • Target
  • A way of reach to target

As a job seeker, your products are your Experiences and skills, the target is companies, A way to reach is your blog content.

After investing hard-earned money and time, Marketers get the result and then once again they analyze the result, and they optimize the idea and strategy they have used before.

That means blogging is not only a day task but you have to learn from your mistakes and should refresh your strategy and goals. a blog can be a lifetime platform for your career.

You should have a clear image of your target, all you need from your blog to attract your potential target with your knowledge and skills to hire you.

You should focus to write custom content about your area of expertise and can help your target where they are stuck.

Most companies provide affiliate program anyone can join. Go to your target

company website if the company has an affiliate program join and start selling their products on your blog on a commission base.

This is a good way to keep in touch with the target company and also keep in touch with them on their blog and participate in other programs, events, etc…. it’s another opportunity to experience digital marketing.

For effective marketing and raising your brand, you have to get social pages to promote blog content and your services all over the web.

Hire me and Home page

Collect all the data you have about your career and put it on your hire me page. for example certificates of your skills, diplomas, degree, experience proof etc.every single page you have, maybe a video the day of graduation.

Your about page should hold all the information about your career to describe you from a very different angle.

you can do a video like Neil Patel or can see some sample of about me pages here.

Do not forget to link to your social accounts, pages may be groups.

The home page  is the main page of any website from where you can lead the visitor to major pages of your website,

You should have enough data to describe to you shortly and refer the visitor to every corner of your website.

There is no need to spend time on pages to design well. the simple pages always work.

A lot of WordPress themes have been already designed for different requirements you need to just write your data.

Do not focus on designing or any other part of blogging in the beginning but focus on writing content no matter long or short.

Do not be overwhelmed by the tools one simple act at a time is enough.

Get Started

Build a Succesful Blog - Career

In today’s, digital world blogging platforms are pretty popular WordPress is one of them. over 34% of sites are
powered by WordPress.

Build a Succesful Blog - Content management system


WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS), Free and easy to learn. WordPress provides a free subdomain blog for everyone. (recommended sela theme).

If you don’t like the subdomain and limited space then you should get your own domain, use this link for a 50%   discount, your blog will cost you only 2 $ a month.

having own domain is a lot better than free, you can get high search rank for the specific keywords you choose and you can also get high rank in your local area, having own domain look more professional,


Having a blog/website for personal, professional, business use is important in today’s digital world, it’s an amazing opportunity for speaking your mind loudly to stand you out of the crowd.

Blogging needs commitment, consistency, a practice not just interest, set small goals in the beginning.

let me know what you think, how to use blogging more effectively to stand out. I would love to hear from you if you have any strategy.

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